Sunday, December 9, 2012

Headed Home!

After 8 days at the hospital, Little Miss and I are ready to blow this joint.  

IMG 1419

Her going home outfit was much more planned than mine.  It took  me forever to pick an outfit for her.  For me, I just tried to find something I had left that wasn't covered in breast milk.  

Due to my meltdown yesterday, Dan and I were able to get a room in the NICU and Ina Mae stayed the night with us!

IMG 1397

My mom made us dinner.

IMG 1396

We gave Ina Mae her first bath,

IMG 1400

which she obviously throughly enjoyed.

IMG 1404

We watched a movie and cuddled in bed. 

IMG 1411

IMG 1413

IMG 1414

it was almost like being in a hotel room on vacation.  We loved it.  

Although I am very excited to be out of the hospital, the stay wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I kept myself very busy going back and forth between my room and the NICU.  

IMG 1372

Pumping, nursing, then pumping again.  (I can't tell you how excited I was go get that amount after 15 minutes of pumping.  Now I am rocking and rolling with 6 oz every 3 to 4 hours.)

IMG 1299

Eating fantastic hospital gourmet.  

IMG 1294

Visiting with our many many awesome visitors.  

IMG 1311

IMG 1312

IMG 1283

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Although I am happy to be leaving the hospital, I am much more excited to be in the same room as Ina Mae 24/7 - it is just a bonus that the room will be in my home.  

During the middle of the night I would hear babies crying in the rooms next to mine and would be so jealous that she wasn't in our room.  However, I know that compared to most NICU parents, Dan and I are super lucky.  I talked to a couple yesterday who had their baby at 26 weeks. 

There are times when I think these past 8 days have gone by fast and then others when the morning we came in feels like years ago.  Either way, I am happy to put these days behind us and start our new little family. 

I want to say thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, and kind words that have been coming our way.  Having a place to organize and write down my thoughts and feelings has been more therapeutic than I ever imagined.  Dan and I are so thankful for our friends, family, and my readers who have been rooting for Little Miss!  Bless you.  Muah!


  1. Been following your excitement over the last 8 days! Wow! I am so glad little miss is ok! She is so, so cute. Enjoy the ride. Kids grow up too quickly.

  2. Yay!! So very happy that you all are going home!

  3. So glad that you get to take your precious little girl home!!! Congratulations again to you all!

  4. So happy to hear you're finally home with your family. We'll come see you next weekend if you feel up to it. We can't wait to hold Ina Mae!

  5. Yay! I'm so happy you 3 get to go home today!

  6. Very happy to hear that you're going home (I'm sure you must be home by now). What a beautiful family!

  7. Yay! So excited for you to get to go home with her! She is still adorable, and I wish many wonderful years to come for your family.


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