Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cookie Time

Yesterday I discovered that having a neighbor that reads your blog is just about priceless.  Within minutes of me writing about how I didn't have any butter to make cookies and would have to take Ina Mae to the grocery store, my awesome neighbor ran some over to my house!

Problem solved.  She earned herself a little box of cookies.  Thanks Kim!

Every year I make cookies for my work, Dan's work, and my parents' work.  I didn't know if I would be able to this year, because I thought I would still be pregnant and tired.  However, now that Ina Mae is outside of my belly I have 100 x the energy I had before.  Every time I look at that face it is like I am connected to a battery charger and I get another little zap of power.

IMG 1673

I brought Ina into the kitchen and taught her how to make the cookies.  She kept on raising her hand to ask questions, but then forgot what she was going to ask.   

Instead of spending a lot of money on cookie tins, I headed to the dollar store and bought some cardboard gift boxes.  

IMG 1678

I line them with a Christmas napkin and write the names on the cookies on the side of the box.

IMG 1671

I taped our Christmas card to the inside of the box and then wrote a little message on the inside lid.  

Here are the cookies I made this year:

-Molasses Cookies - my grandma makes these every year and I decided to give them a try this year.  My mistake was counting on Google for the recipe.  Next year, I will call Ina (the original)  instead.  

-Peppermint Bark - This is the easiest recipe out there.  If you have a double boiler, you have to make this.  I love it because the red and white add some color mixture to the cookie boxes and it tasted delicious.  I also get to take out some aggression on the candy canes.

IMG 1664

Each recipe costs ~$5 (I use the cheap white baking chips, but I am sure if you bought good white chocolate it would taste even better).  This would be a great gift for a neighbor, teacher, co-worker, etc.  

 -Chocolate Chip Cookies (I always follow the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips)

 -Peanut Butter Balls - this recipe was given to me by my grandmother.

IMG 1680

I don't know who Carolyn Clark is / was, but God bless her and her love for powdered sugar.  It is impossible to stop at one.  

No bake cookies - I use the recipe linked except I double the amount of peanut butter and use chunky instead of creamy.  These are the cookies I make for Dan when I want to do something special for him.  

IMG 1679

This year I also added my mid-wife's office, the labor and delivery nurses, and the NICU nurses to the cookie list.  I really wish I had prepared a gift to give them while I was in the hospital, but better late than never.  I will be more prepared with my next pregnancy.  

Yesterday, during the cookie making process, Ina Mae was dreaming and she had the biggest smile on her face.  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I stopped mid ball forming, sat down next to her rocker, and tried to get her to do it again.  No dice.  I tried to describe it to Dan when he got home and I cannot wait for him to see the real thing.  

Also, about half way through, Ina Mae had her first official diaper blow out.  I will spare you the picture I proudly took.  We must document every mile stone.   

After I made all those cookies my energy reserve ran out.  

IMG 1674

Thank goodness my mom brought over pot roast for dinner.  It was delicious and gave me free time to soak in every second of hanging out with Dan and Ina. 

IMG 1677

That is the face she makes when she is full of milk and listening / feeling her dad hum Silent Night on his chest.


  1. Great idea for labeling the cookies. You are an over-achiever! If I had a baby I would demand cookies, not make them :P

  2. 1) Ina Mae is going to be the best chef/cook/baker ever if you keep teaching her at this young age! ;-)

    2)I love how you boxed and labeled the cookies - brilliant!

    3) I haven't had *any* cookie treats yet this season, so these pics are making me look forward to going back to Green Bay for Christmas to have a few, um, I mean tubful, of them.

  3. What a sweet neighbor! Brilliant idea with the boxes instead of tins for cookies. Then you don't have to worry about them smooshing each other. I still need to make my cookies for the tins I bought...but I'm still not done Christmas shopping, ack!


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