Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby Party

Last night, we had a baby party at our house.  

IMG 1559

Poor Ina Mae, compared to the others she looks like she spent a few too many hours in the tanning bed.  However, that bilirubin has finally left her face and she is looking nice and normal colored now.

IMG 1561

I think there is a mathematical relationship between my happiness level and the amount of babies in my living room.  I plan on conducting an experiment next time.  

Our friends Aubrey and Eric brought us dinner - chicken pot pie deliciousness.  (I don't know how Aubrey knew that chicken pot pie is the one meal Dan always asks for that I never make.  

IMG 1552

with chocolate pumpkin cookies for dessert.)

IMG 1553


My friend Elizabeth also stopped by before dinner to spoil Little Miss even more, and brought us a meal that is ready to cook whenever.  I don't think I am going to be able to go back to normal life again.

IMG 1544

Then, for breakfast, my grandma and cousin brought doughnuts,

IMG 1536

IMG 1537

wrapped ALL of my Christmas presents,

IMG 1542

IMG 1546

bought me lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings,

IMG 1543

and helped give Ina Mae a bath.

IMG 1541

I am starting to think that I am the one who is spoiled, however I don't how an owl towel, so I think I am still good.

My sister and the babies stayed the night, but they left earlier this morning, so for the first time Ina Mae and I are alone.  So far so good.  Lots of sleeping and eating going on.  Maybe a few episodes of TV shows that I have missed over the past few weeks.  It is a big day, I don't know if we will have enough time.  


  1. I love these updates SO MUCH! I'm 12 weeks pregnant and trying to absorb everything possible about life with babies. She's adorable and you sound so happy and you're all so loved by family and friends.

    Wishing you the best,

  2. Enjoy those peaceful days of just Mommy and baby! While it was fun to have visitors, it was also great to be the only two in the house!! :)

  3. She is so precious, Racheal! The support you're receiving is amazing! How are you feeling?

  4. Can you send me one of those cookies? ;-) I don't think Ina Mae will need them. She looks quite content in her new home.


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