Thursday, December 20, 2012

An Extra Two and a Half Weeks

Yesterday, as we were running from my midwife appointment, to the hospital to drop off cookies, and then to my two jobs, a reminder came up on my phone.  

"You are 40 weeks pregnant today."

Then it hit me, yesterday was  December 19th - Ina Mae's due date.  I know that babies are rarely born on their actual due date, however, it is still funny to think that I could still be pregnant right now.  If she had come on or after her due date, I would have missed out on these past two and a half weeks.

I realized, even though things didn't go down exactly like I had planned, I am so thankful they did, because I got an extra two and a half weeks with my baby girl.  

Two and a half weeks with her in my arms instead of in my belly.

IMG 1462

Two and a half weeks of sleeping with her on my chest.

IMG 1350

Two and a half weeks of grunts, dreamy smiles, and squeaks.

Two and  a half weeks of watching her sleep and listening to her breathe.

IMG 1394

(For the record, that is exactly how I sleep)

Two and a half weeks of quality family time.

IMG 1415

Two and a half weeks of me putting her down to do something else and then immediately picking her back up because the laundry can wait, the dishes can wait, the cookies burning in the oven can wait.  However, she won't wait. She won't wait to grow up and change. I feel like every second that passes is a second I will never get back.  

IMG 1574

I am so thankful that I was blessed with an extra two and a half weeks worth of extra seconds.


After Ina Mae, my cousin Abby, and I finished dropping off cookies everywhere, we returned home to a house full of people.  People frying chicken - my favorite kind.

IMG 1681

As always, it was a perfect evening with my family.  <3

IMG 1685

IMG 1694

IMG 1705

We had big plans to get out again today, but we are in the midst of a blizzard and currently hunkered down, thanking God for heat and shelter.  I want to take pics of Ina Mae and her first snow, but don't want to take her outside.  Time to get creative.

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