Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Few Numbers

12 - The number of diapers I changed yesterday.  After our baby showers I naively told Dan that we wouldn't be buying diapers anytime soon.  Two weeks in and we have a max of 3 days left of newborns.  I plan to sign up for an Amazon Prime Mom membership today.

IMG 1661

The Pack-N-Play (which my lovely co-workers gave me) is what I like to call "grand central station."  Need a diaper change?  A wipe?  A binke?  How about an alcohol swab?  Head to the Pack-N-Play.

1 - The number of times I unknowingly got poo on my hand.  And then wiped it on my face.  And then immediately took the hottest shower of my life.  

7 - The number of times Little Miss ate yesterday.  It seems like overnight she went from not really being hungry to having the appetite of a bear that just woke up in the Spring.  I used to have to coax her to eat for at least 5 minutes, and now she grunts and wiggles her way to food with little help from me.  

120 - The number of stamps I used yesterday.  Christmas cards - done.  Thank you cards - done (procrastinator, party of one).  Thank God.

IMG 1642

15 - The number of pictures I took of Ina Mae in this exact position.  

IMG 1653

I have no shame.  With a face that beautifully cute, I would have taken 150 if she would have kept her eyes open.

30 - The number of times I checked to make sure Ina Mae was still breathing.  After I swaddle her, she likes to burrow in her swaddle.  No matter how many times I adjust the blanket, she always ends up like this:

IMG 1662

5 - The number of meals I ate.  Nursing makes me ravenous.

1 - The number of meals I took a picture of.  Leftovers from brunch.

IMG 1644

0- The number of Christmas presents I have left to buy!  Holla!  

- The number of hours of sleep I have been getting each night.  It has been wonderful.  Ina Mae eats around 9, falls asleep until around 2, I am up for an hour feeding her, and then we go back to sleep until 6:30ish the next morning.  

5 - The number of times I have walked by this pile in the kitchen and then found something else to do.

IMG 1660

Today is cookie making day.  I thought that it would be easier to get everything out so I wouldn't have to dig through a cabinet or drawer with raw egg on my hands.  I just realized that I forgot butter.  How many cookies do you think you can make without butter?  Looks like Little Miss is going on her first trip to the store today!


  1. congratulations on being a new mommy. I am so glad you are keeping your blog. I loved reading about your half marathon training and weight watchers. I love reading your blog every day. It brings back such fond memories for me. My baby is now 8. I sure do miss those days.Sounds like things are going great so far. Merry Christmas

  2. I just sent thank you cards out last Thursday... I was married June 13, 2011...procrastination, party of two. :)

  3. I just love these posts :)

    You're a better woman than I am... I'm not making Christmas cookies this year because "I'm pregnant and tired" and you're making them with a newborn at home! YOU'RE A ROCKSTAR


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