Friday, November 16, 2012

Work Baby Shower

Yesterday, my lovely co-workers thew Margaret a beautiful party.

IMG 1034

They made that boring conference room look awesome and she was showered with so many amazing gifts!

IMG 1035

The cake was from Whole Foods. They sent it home for "me and my family."  I am going to assume that by "my family" they meant Margaret.  

After all. of. these. showers. Margaret is the most spoiled girl on the block.  

Because we have the nursery emptied out for painting, 

IMG 1058

Margaret's stuff has taken over another bedroom, which is bigger than her nursery.  

IMG 1060

Yep.  Hopefully the painting will be done this week (my aunt is coming back in town from Houston) and I can get started on getting everything together.  

Now that the baby showers are over I need to make a list of the few things that she still needs. I am pretty sure the first few weeks we could get by with just a car seat and some diapers, but I want to be as prepared as possible, because I know after she gets here I might be a little distracted.

I woke up this morning thanking God it is Friday.  I am exhausted and ready for a nice relaxing weekend.  

Thought for the day

Question for the day

Any big weekend plans?  My weekend has the potential to be really boring or really busy.  

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