Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things Trick-or-Treaters Say

Dan and I officially failed our first Halloween at our new home.  After all of that thought, I didn't even make a costume.  I was so tired when I got home that the first half of kids who didn't see me in my pajamas should count themselves lucky.

Also, even though I had triple the amount of candy we have had before, we ran out at 7:40.

IMG 0967

We turned off every single light in our house and hid in the back room watching Roseanne re-runs.  We were so ashamed.  During commercials we thought of ways to be the coolest house on the block next year.  

However, we did get in a solid 2 hours of handing out candy, and saw some awesome and cute costumes.  I loved asking the kids to tell me about their costumes.  The 3-5 year age range was the best.  They screamed out, "Captain America!" or "a dinosaur!"

The older ones weren't quite as excited.  Some of the first I had drove and parked in my cup-de-sac.  They came up to my door and I sighed, rolled my eyes, and thought, "seriously, aren't you guys too old to be doing this?"  I thanked God I didn't say that out load, because when I opened my door the girl dressed as Raggedy-Ann politely said, "Happy Halloween! We are trick-or-treating for canned goods for Harvesters.  Do you have any to spare?"  

After I took my foot out of my mouth I emptied out my pantry.

A few of my other favorites were:

  • A kid who looked in my candy bowl and whispered to his friend, "they are picked over."  (I almost threw my candy at him, but had to save what little we had left.)
  • A kid who couldn't say his r's and asked, "Whewe is that dawg that bawks all the time?"  (Our beagle was hid away in the garage all night.  That apparently is where he needs to stay.)
  • A kid who asked, "Are you supposed to be pregnant or something?" (Yep, it is my permanent costume.)
  • I told one kid his costume looked good and he simply replied, "I know."  Nice.

We also were "ghosted."  I was really excited, but I don't know if I should continue the tradition now that Halloween is over.

IMG 0963


IMG 0965

Any boo-ed or ghost-ed experts out there? When does it end?  We had to use the candy to hand out anyways.  

Hot Sauce Day

I  doused all three of my meals yesterday is Louisiana.  

IMG 0961

Dan made a big pot of ham and beans over the weekend, and the small had made me sick up until yesterday.  I had them for lunch

IMG 0962

and dinner with corn bread.

IMG 0966

Thought for the day


Question for the day

How was your Halloween?  What was your favorite costume? Did you run out of candy?


  1. I worked until 6, I dressed as a runner, easier costume!! We don't get any trick or treaters too far away.

  2. I love the quotes of the trick-or-treaters! Very cool that some were collecting canned goods. I'm impressed with that one!

    I say, save the ghosted thing for next year and be the one to start it!

  3. hahaha I love that some kid said you guys were picked over! That is the best. We had a fun night but it made for two tired kids...they are no fun when they are tired! I meant to set out a bowl since we would be gone all night and we were in such a hurry to leave I forgot. Now we have extra candy since we did not get back until 8:30 and the kids were done by then on our street.

  4. We did get many kids this year I think because it was alot colder here than normal. I took my daughter out and one house said "would you like some candy"? As I peaked in the window I wanted to say " No but I would love a cup of chocolate and to what that episode of NCIS with you? I did snag a bag of Royal Gold pretzels out of the walk.


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