Monday, November 19, 2012

The Great Misunderstanding: Financial Peace University Week 9

In general, I would consider Dan and I giving people.  We really enjoy buying others presents, paying for some friends' dinner or drinks, taking people on vacation, etc.  Dan is always giving the guy on the corner a dollar or a cup of coffee (or a beer - only in Vegas).  

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Since starting FPU and a budget, I have felt incredibly selfish.  We have been so focused on saving, that all of that giving has virtually stopped (aside from the occasional dinner at our house or birthday present), and at the same time, our friends and family have been so overly generous to us while starting a family.

So, last night's lesson on giving was just what I needed.  Dave explained that being able to give freely (the last baby step) is the goal of this class.  If you pay off your debt, save enough money for retirement, and then hold onto the rest of your money tightly, you will have finances, but will never have financial peace.  However, if you get to a good financial ground, you will have more fun giving money away than you thought possible. 

I know I haven't really mentioned this before, but FPU is a Christian based class.  The principals that Dave teaches on money are all biblically supported.  He often says something to the effect of, "I am going to teach you to manage your money the way God and your grandma intended."  

If you are Christian, I think the way Dave explained giving (especially to the church) is very interesting.  He said at first he thought God wanted us to give because God needed our money.  Wrong.  Then, he thought God wanted us to give because the church needed our money.  Wrong again.  The answer is instead that God wants us to give because God is a giver -He gave us the ultimate gift - His son.  We were made in God's image.  Therefore, the more we give, the closer we are to God.  

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Pretty cool.  

Dan and I left FPU (for the last time) feeling very inspired and more motivated than ever to continue down this path.  Our small group even decided to meet about once a month to continue the accountability we have created.  

I cannot wait for the day that we can pay it forward and give to others what we have been so blessed to receive, and hopefully more.  

I am going to write a full review on the entire course tomorrow, but as I am sure you can tell (spoiler alert), I think it is fan-freaking-tastic.  

Thought for the day

 Question for the day

What is your favorite thing to give?  I like to give experiences - but obviously those can be more expensive.  :)


  1. Thanks for sharing about Fpu. I've never been so your short synopsis was very interesting to me. Good luck with the last trimester! I lived being pregnant with my two so it's fun to watch you go through this.

  2. I love to find the perfect gift for someone during the holidays. For a very long time, my husband and I didn't give each other gifts for our birthdays/anniversaries because we decided to save for one big trip each year. However, for our birthdays, we have a tradition of taking each other out to dinner. The birthday girl/boy gets to pick wherever they want and the other has to arrange/drive/buy. ;-) I'm all about experiences, too, over material things. And lately, I'm donating even just the tiniest bit to any cause anytime someone asks.


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