Monday, November 26, 2012

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

It is amazing how much stuff you can accomplish with 10 worker bees at your house.

IMG 1165

In one day we finished painting the nursery (Hallaway is a little Michaelango),

IMG 1164

put together the crib,

IMG 1162

(after I took that picture I exited the area until I got the "all clear" that it was together and my dad and husband were still talking to each other)

painted the changing table / dresser, 

IMG 1157

washed / folded / hung / organized all the baby clothes, put up the pack N play, and so much more.

IMG 1167

We had some time for eating,

IMG 1170

and some time for playing (Uncle Dan finally released his Hot Wheels collection),

IMG 1175

but mostly we worked the day away.  I feel so much more ready for this baby to come now. 

Still to do:

  • buy a rocker (thinking about this one)
  • get a book shelf
  • put up the chandelier - ordered but not here yet
  • pick up the bassinet from my cousin
  • finish hanging the picture frames / mirrors in the room
  • find a pediatrician
  • figure out if Margaret will be on my insurance or Dan's
  • pack the adult hospital bags (my fantastic sister already packed Margaret's)

The longer I sit here the more the list grows, so to ease my anxiety, I will stop now.  Ha!

Have a fantastic week!

Thought for the day


Question for the day

Was your nursery ready when your bebe came?  Ours probably won't be completely ready, but it will be good enough.  Anything else important I am forgetting to do before the baby comes?

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  1. WOW the room looks great!!! Our baby room was ready, however my bag was not, because I went into labor 2 weeks early. Oh well...hubby picked out some interesting clothes for me! SO make sure you pack your own bag!!
    Also, little tip about the rocking chair, make sure you get one you can easily take a nap in too! :)


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