Monday, November 5, 2012

Mommies Don't Get Sick Days

This weekend Dan and I got in some quality "parent practice" by watching our niece, Hallaway, from Friday night to Sunday morning.  

IMG 0985

Unfortunately, I couldn't take full advantage of it because I was sick, but didn't want to accept it.

Friday night we went to a friend's house for AMAZING appetizers, dessert, and a night around the fire.  

IMG 0973

Hi Amanda!

My back started hurting, but I thought the pain was just due to the cold  / growing bely and brushed it off.  I barely slept the whole night, but that has been par for the course lately, so I got up, handed Hallaway off to my mom, and Dan and I toured the hospital and signed all the hospital pre-admission paperwork.  

IMG 0981

(There I was, surrounded by doctors, nurses, and medicine, and didn't say a word.)

By the time we were back home, the pain was there again, and this time my stomach was also tender and I was nauseous.  I thought I was finally feeling some of the ailments of pregnancy.  So, the rest of Saturday looked a lot like this:

IMG 0986

I kept on thinking something was wrong, but then thought, well, yes, I am pregnant.  I can't expect my pregnancy to be pain free.  

However, by mid-Sunday morning (after Hallway had left) the Tylenol I had been taking all weekend wasn't even touching the pain.  I was very close to driving to the ER, but I have had UTIs in the past and this felt very similar to a kidney infection. I took one of those "at home" UTI tests.  (Looking back, I have no idea why I didn't do this on Friday night.)  

It told me loud and clear that I had an UTI, which was obviously in my kidney.  I called my mid-wife, and when she told me she would call in an antibiotic and something stronger for the pain I broke down in tears of thankfulness.  I am making that woman cookies for our next appointment.  

I spent the rest of the afternoon / evening catching up on sleep.  This morning, I feel 1000% better.  

Throughout the whole weekend I kept on wondering what I would do if I felt like this, didn't have Dan there to help me, and had a baby who required more attention than Hallaway.

I was really lucky because Hallaway only required a bottle every 3 hours and a diaper change here and there.  The rest of the time she was content sitting with us on the couch or on her blanket trying to stand up.  Seriously, she might be the most perfect baby ever.  

IMG 0979

Dan was also amazing, and way better of a nurse that I would have been.  This weekend I got a little glimpse of how wonderful of a father he is going to be.  He even kept on telling me I looked beautiful and taking pictures of me.

IMG 0992

(Mark this down as the only time in history someone has put a camera in front of me and I didn't smile.)

I have heard people say over and over again that "mommies don't get sick days."  However, hearing it and living it are two entirely different things.  I have a feeling I am going to continue to have more and more respect for all the moms I know as this process continues.  

Thought for the day


Question for the day

When you are sick, do you try to ignore it, hoping it will get better, or do you go to the doctor right away?  

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  1. Hi Racheal. Bless your heart, you must have felt horrible. I one of those people that ignore it and hop it will go away. I try to think what could I do myself to make it go away. After a few days my hubby says would you just go to the Dr.


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