Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gift Card Date Night

Last weekend Dan and I had a date night in.   This weekend, I decided that because we will probably have lots of nights at home in our near future, we should have a date night out.  (However, I still wore leggings as pants and flip flops, so I am not sure if it counts all the way.)

Dan picked the restaurant - Thai.  

IMG 1061

Thai hot crab fried rice is his go-to order.  I had pad thai.  Both were delish.

I picked the movie.

IMG 1064

Yes, we went to dinner before the 6:15 movie.  Don't judge.

This was my first time at a movie theater with recliners.  Changed my life- don't think I will see a movie any other way but horizontal.

IMG 1063

We went to the movie courtesy of one of Dan's customers who gave him an AMC gift card.  

I quickly realized that I am going to have a whole new appreciation for gift cards now that we are on a budget.  Of course, I have always been very thankful for any gift card that I have received in the past, but could have bought the same thing with my money.  Now, receiving a gift card is extra special, because it allows us to buy or do something that we would have likely not otherwise.  

The night ended with frozen custard and sleepy time before 10 FTW.

I am looking forward to this short work week / long family weekend coming up!  

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  1. I love gift cards, we went out to dinner on a gift card last night too!


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