Friday, November 9, 2012

Feeling Good

I think I am officially rid of whatever horrible thing(s) were taking up shop in my kidney.  

I have gone twenty-four hours without even a dose of Tylenol.  Twenty-four hours without grimacing at Dan and saying, "it is starting to hurt again."  Twenty-four hours without sitting on the floor of the shower, because hot water was the only thing that provided any relief, wondering how I am going to do this for 6 more weeks.  

I call that a victory!  I am going to keep reminding myself to be aware of how good it feels to feel good.  

As I was barely functioning all week, our cabinets and fridge are looking very bare.  Poor Dan has done such a great job of coming home and trying to help me after work.  The night before last I don't think he even sat down until after 9, doing the dishes, and laundry (10 showers a day requires a lot of towels and wardrobe changes), and cooking a nutritious meal of Hamburger Helper.

So last night he picked up take-out on the way home (with our restaurant budget money - even sick people have to stay on plan).  

Springfield cashew chicken in all of it's glory.  

IMG 1005

I cannot wait to have those leftovers for lunch.

Yesterday my work also had a FREE Thanksgiving meal for all of its employees for lunch.  

IMG 1004

I love my job.  Margaret loved it too.

Thought for the day

Question for the day

Have you ever had a kidney infection or a kidney stone?  My aunt told me that her kidney stone was more painful than giving birth.  


  1. I had a kidney infection in Kindergarten, the only thing I remember is laying on the floor in my room thinking that I was going to die. So I feel your pain. Even though it was 14 years ago, I remember it well. Hope you feel better for good, and it doesn't come back!

  2. I had kidney infections when I was a kid and I totally had a kidney stone at the end of 2007. WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE. I have never had a kid but they told me at the hospital that is was pain comperable to giving birth. I believe them 100%. My kidney stone started because I was popping TUMS like candy! Its essentially calcium buildup. And one morning at like 3am i woke up and had to puke everywhere, then after puking i didnt feel better. I felt a sharp pain in my side lower abdomen. It hurt SO BAD. I would heave and heave because that was the only way to relieve the pain! Hubs took me to the emergency room and I honeslty couldnt sit there and function like a normal person. I had to go outisde in the freezing cold and lay on the concrete i was so miserable. At the time I thought it was my appendix ruptering possibly. When I finally got a room they gave me morphine and i passed out. We discovered it was a kidney stone and i was totally suprised. Girl I feel FOR YOU if that is what you had!! Its awful and I hope you feel better soon, i cant imagine being PREGNANT and having that!!!

  3. I've had 2 recorded kidney stones...I may have had more- but 2 for sure that were seen! Now, I've never had a baby- but the pain I felt with these kidney stones was the worst pain I've ever felt. I couldn't imagine anything worse. Doctors have actually thought I was pregnant both times I was in the emergency room for my stones - but oh no just a little stone - not a baby!


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