Friday, November 30, 2012

Crazy Cravings

Good morning and Happy Friday!  

I am sure you have noticed the lack of food pictures over here.  I haven't been including them because I am mostly eating crackers, bread, and pretzels.  My appetite has been all over the place.  However, yesterday I was determined to get in some fruit and veg, so I made a green monster smoothie for breakfast.

IMG 1192

In the mix - two frozen bananas, 1/2 C frozen spinach, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, TBS almond butter, ~1.5 C milk.

IMG 1194

It made a nice and beautiful greenish sludge.  

I had left over taco soup for lunch - full on nutritious beans, corn, tomatoes, etc.  

After that I think my body went into revolt.  After my midwife appointment (during which she said everything is still going absolutely perfectly) I had to stop by the grocery store and pick up Dan's prescription.  

Then, before I knew it, this happened.

IMG 1196

I really wanted to dump the egg nog into the Velveeta shells and cheese, but I resisted  I haven't had shells and cheese in years - Dan is a strict blue box Kraft guy, but I was raised on shells and cheese.  It was glorious.  

Other random things I bought at the grocery store - the stuff to make Chex Mix (I smelled some at work and couldn't stop thinking about it), eggs, a head of cabbage, peppermint ice cream, a bar of wax, and grapes.

I am looking forward to the day when a salad sounds great for every meal again!  

Thought for the day

 Question for the day

Velveeta shells and cheese or Kraft blue box?  Obviously I would choose homemade anyway, but I didn't have time for that nonsense.


  1. That photo of shells and cheddar is making my mouth water! I'm usually a blue box girl - but right now both of those sounds so delicious!

  2. The pregnancy cravings can get so crazy, can't they! And, it always amazed me how I could smell or see something and then couldn't get it off my mind even if it was days! :)

    We always grew up eating the Kraft Mac-n-Cheese in the blue box and that is what I buy my girls now, but I think the shells and cheese sounds yummy. I think I may need to buy some next time I'm shopping. :)


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