Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Buying Gifts for Men

Every single year my dad, my grandpa, and my uncle are the last 3 people on my Christmas list.  I spend the few days before Christmas frantically Googling "gifts for men" or "dad gifts" only to find a top ten list that always include cufflinks.  I don't know about you, but the men in my life have absolutely no use for cuff links.  

For being fairly simple to please, why are men so difficult to buy Christmas presents for?  It isn't that they don't have hobbies or interests, it is just that if they want something, they buy it for themselves.  

Here is what has worked for me in the past.  I am hoping that by putting my thoughts into words I will come up with some ideas for this year:

Electronics - Of course, anyone would love a brand new TV, computer, ipad, etc.  However, usually big ticket items like that aren't in the budget.  This is where electronic accessories come in.  This year, I bought my dad an Lifeproof iPad cover for him to take on to his job sites that involve water.  They also makes these for iphones.  Other ideas: headphones, video games, subscription to an extra movie / sports package from his cable provider, a few months paid for Hulu Plus or Netflix

Sports memorabilia - I know it isn't the most exciting present in the world, but if I buy a Chiefs sweatshirt or a Royals t-shirt for the 5th year in a row, it will get more use than the remote control organizer that I would have bought instead.  Last year, I bought my uncle (who literally has everything) 3 iphone covers for his 3 favorites teams to switch out throughout the year.  He LOVED them.  Sports tickets are also really good presents.

Tools - the gift that gives you a gift in return.  No matter how handy the man, everyone needs a drill, screw driver set, hammer, ladder, flashlight, etc.  I also feel like you could always use an extra set of jumper cables - mine always seem to disappear.

Hobby accessories - my dad hunts and my uncle golfs.  There are plenty of accessories out there for these types of hobbies, but I feel like they can come close to the "useless gift" line if you aren't careful.  

Kid pictures - Shutterfly is an amazing place.  My sister made my grandpa a coffee cup with pictures of Kauffman on it and he drank from it every morning until my cousin broke it and I thought he was going to cry.  She also made everyone a calendar with pictures of his first year on it.  Unfortunately, it would be weird for me to give people pictures of my sister's kids.  Next year, watch out.  

Food or alcohol - When in extreme doubt, a stick of sausage or a fifth of whiskey will always work wonders.  Dan usually buys all of his friends alcohol for Christmas.  It is the gift that keeps on giving.  

That is all I have.  How about you?  Do you have any suggestions for a good man-gift?  I still have two on my list.  Help me please.  


  1. I know what you mean girl, i totally begged my husband to PLEASE tell me what he wants for Christmas...there is just not a lot that he wants. He wants some grips for his gun and i plan on buying him bullets...i got him a tervis tumbler..he is hard on coffee cups/travel mugs so this has a lifetime warranty and his fave team-alabama on it. lol.

  2. Yeah, John is so hard to buy for. You ask him what he wants and he says nothing, he gives no ideas and no help. I just have to come up with ideas and then hope he likes them. By the way, I talked about the Elf on the Shelf in my blog today....you need to get one for Margaret!



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