Friday, October 12, 2012

When my Boyfriend and My Husband Get Together

At first, I tried to keep my boyfriend Joe a secret from Dan.  

IMG 0691

But, once Dan found out, I realized they could work together to make me dinner.

IMG 0692

When I get involved it gets a little messy,

IMG 0694

so I usually just sit back and stay out of it.  

IMG 0696

Enchiladas + half of a movie  = a good night.  

Seriously though, Trader Joe's makes the best store-bought enchilada sauce.  Some of their sauces are iffy, but this one is legit.  I also like their spaghetti sauces, their Asian sauce, and their eggplant garlic spread.  Not a big fan of the peanut satay or the masala simmer sauce.

Other exciting things that happened yesterday:

- I didn't eat a PopTart for breakfast - instead was one step above with raisin bran.

IMG 0687

- I somehow still packed grapes and cottage cheese for lunch and had to choke them down.  Must pack something different today.  

IMG 0688

- I got my flu shot!  My work gives flu shots out every year, but they have something against pregnant women and wouldn't let me have one.  So, when the nurse at my midwife appointment asked me if I wanted a flu shot I almost jumped off the exam table in excitement.  I think I freaked her out a little bit.  

- Margaret received a gift in the mail.  You have no idea how excited I was when I opened this box.  When I started to register, the one thing I knew I wanted was a baby bullet.  I have seen other moms use this, and make baby food like nobody's business.  

IMG 0689

Even though I was really excited about the gift, I was even more excited when I found out who it was from - our friends Tammy and Austin from North Carolina (we went to their wedding a few months ago).  Thanks so much guys!!!  

Thought for the day

Questions for the day

Have you got your flu shot yet?  If not, go get it.  Now.

What is your favorite store-bought sauce?




  1. I haven't gotten the flu shot, and don't plan on getting it. (I didn't do it the year before, or the year before that, or the year before that, etc....)

    Congrats on getting the baby bullet! I love it!!!

    1. I never got the flu either, until I did. And it SUCKED. :)

  2. My work health fair is in a couple flu shot then!
    TJ's green salsa is pretty awesome too!

    1. I have heard that their green salsa is good. I have never tried it, but will the next time I stop in. :)

  3. I didnt get a flu shot, in fact I have no insurance. But I am scared of flu shots anyway so I dont know :( But as for store bought sauces, hmm....i love prego and sweet baby rays bbq sauce!!

    1. No insurance = no fun. Stay safe and healthy. :)

      I have never tried Sweet Baby Ray's, but I see it at the grocery store---next time....

  4. I think your husband and your boyfriend make a great team! :)

    I've NEVER had a flu shot.

    How cute is the Baby Bullet? That will come in very handy!

    We honestly don't buy a whole lot of sauce at the store anymore. My chef..I mean Dane usually makes his own from scratch. I also don't have a TJ anywhere near me. Boo! :\

    1. I know - I really wish you could meet my boyfriend. :) But, your's is doing a pretty good job, so it could be worse. Hahaha.

  5. Do you have a favorite enchilada recipe that you use? I'm putting enchilada sauce on my list for my next TJ's run!

    1. I just follow the recipe on the back of the enchilada sauce. YUM!


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