Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Under Construction

This is what my kitchen has looked like for two days:

IMG 0727

Finally, we are in the process of fixing the light that doesn't work (one of my 28 things to do this year).  However, it has already been slightly dramatic.  

Monday night I was on a work call in my office upstairs when I heard this huge crash and glass shattering.  I had to stay on the call 20 MORE MINUTES until I could come downstairs to see if Dan was okay.  Talk about torture. Obviously if he had been screaming or something I would have cut the call short, but as crashes and broken glass are somewhat common around here, I waited it out. 

Turns out the old broken light fixture had fallen and everything and everyone (including our new light fixture investment and my husband) were okay.  

What do you do when you don't have light in your kitchen to cook?  Make a one dish casserole - 

IMG 0734

I used my new favorite quinoa mac and cheese recipe, and added a few chicken breasts and frozen broccoli to the mix for a fully rounded meal.

IMG 0735

(Dan couldn't stand for Margaret not to be in the picture.)

This was super easy and hit most of the major food groups - we are probably going to eat it every night until Margaret is here.

Other Eats 

Before I hopped in the shower I threw some steel cut oats in the rice cooker, then added some canned pumpkin, organic sugar, and pumpkin pie spice when they were done for some delish pumpkin oatmeal.

IMG 0729

I made my whole office smell like cumin thanks to my leftover butternut squash and black bean chili.  Anytime I add cumin to a recipe, I triple the amount called for.  I love cumin.

IMG 0730

Thought for the day

Question for the day

Do you like DIY home projects?  I despise them - having my house in shambles really weighs on me.  At our old house, we were always building on to something or redoing another room.  We have had our house for a year now and this is the first thing we have done that requires a tool box.  That year was glorious.  


  1. The food you make is ah-mazing! Love the kitchen (even in a minor state of chaos cause by falling light fixtures)!

  2. I love your pantry door! I have always wanted a frosted glass door on my pantry.


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