Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Screaming Grocery Store Kid -FPU Week 5

Most of the time, advertising does not impact me.  

I can watch hilarious phone commercials, and still rock my old cracked phone without shame.

Although I know the jingles to many popular items, such as McDonald's, M and M's, and Coke, I can't remember the last time I purchased any of them.  

I would (almost always) rather cook a meal at home than go out to eat at the restaurants in the commercials.  

However, when i see a "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" commercial, or see an ad in a magazine for a cruise or an all inclusive resort, the little screaming grocery store kid inside me goes crazy.  I want that vacation and I want it NOW.  

We have all seen the grocery store kids I am talking about.  The first time I saw one was in the baking goods aisle.  She was standing by the marshmallows screaming her face off, and I couldn't understand why.  Then her mom finally handed her a bag and she ripped it open and starting stuffing marshmallows in her mouth as fast as she could.  I have never looked at marshmallows the same.

Dave Ramsey says that kid has a name - it is Immaturity.


I definitely did not want to hear that.  But, when put that way, I can see that it is immature to go on a vacation once a month when that money could be put towards my student loans or towards an emergency fund.  

I guess in the past I had no problem being immature because I was, well, young and immature.  However, now I have a family to think about and I need to grow up.

Don't get me wrong.  I still believe with my whole heart that vacations are the reason to live.  Knowing I have a trip coming up gets me through the work week.  But, they are a luxury that should be enjoyed only when my other ducks are in a row.  So, until then, goodbye Las Vegas, hello ABC Family Saturday night movie.  


My food was awfully white yesterday.

Breakfast was Greek yogurt mixed with mango jam and an apple.  Lunch was egg salad.

IMG 0793

Dan made me biscuits and gravy for dinner.

IMG 0794

We all know how much Dan loves gravy.  

IMG 0795

Thought for the day


Question for the day

What brings out the screaming grocery store kid in you?


  1. I'm think I'm just like you, Racheal. I *need* those vacations. Not that I'm worked to hard... I just need to break from the monotony. In fact, before my husband and I got married, I made him promise that we'd make one international trip every year!

    1. Oh Carrie, that is the best pre-nup I have heard of! We will have to make that deal once we pay off our debt. Where are you going next?

  2. I am the same way. There would be reason to keep going if I didn't have a vacation to look forward to! I can't wait until my husband is out of school again, so I can more liberally plan vacays!


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