Sunday, October 7, 2012


So far this weekend I have felt pretty spoiled.

IMG 0658

Anytime I get with my favorite little ones I leave me feeling perfectly content. 

IMG 0628

IMG 0631

Talking to the adults was okay too.  :)

IMG 0644

My family threw me and Margo a beautiful baby shower.

IMG 0646

The decorations were amazing - I am a sucker for anything tree / bird / natural.

IMG 0647

The cupcakes were delicious.

IMG 0645

The presents were so much appreciated!  Maggie got a carseat (which apparently the law says we have to have), a diaper genie, her first fishing pole, a bouncy seat, a pretty high-tech baby monitor, a boppy, some books, a Moby AND baby k'tan baby carrier, a few homemade blankets, a diaper bag, and so many super cute outfits.  She could walk the fashion runway this winter - if she could walk.  

I also was so excited about this antique baby scale my grandma bought.  Isn't it precious?

IMG 0639

Also, my cousin made us this awesome diaper cake.  

IMG 0656

We felt so spoiled by the end of the day and could not be more thankful for everything.   We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Of course, I didn't take many pictures of these wonderful people, but I promise, they were there.  I did get one of my mom, myself, and my mother in law.

IMG 0655

Also, one of my current favorite baby girl and my grandma.  

IMG 0651

The night ended with card playing, hot dogs, and left over cupcakes.

IMG 0661

Then, I drove to a friend's birthday party, where I was able to see a lot of people I haven't seen in quite some time and, sadly, I didn't take any pictures.  Hopefully we will have some by tomorrow.  

Now I am off to attend Margaret's first Chief's game.  She is going to learn early how to me a tolerant, non-fair weather fan.  

Happy Sunday.



  1. What a wonderful shower! That baby scale is too fun! I want one :) and the Moby is amazing-loooove mine!

  2. Aww girl I love the little owls!!! That is soo cute and the baby scale is so neat!!! Margaret will be all set :) I went to a babyshower yesterday for my cousins little girl to be ...Piper! Such a cute name but they had little owl decor too! So sweet!!


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