Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fancy Paint

I am very talented at turning a job that should only take a few hours into a job that will take more than a few days.  Our nursery is the perfect example of this.  

I could have just painted the walls pink and called it a day, but when my aunt asked what I wanted, I reached for the stars.  I wanted different colors.  With a fancy chair rail.  

IMG 0602

And stencils.  Lots of stencils.  

IMG 0604

My poor grandpa was hired into this job without knowing it and now is a stencil expert.  I bet that was a skill he didn't want to develop.  He kept on saying something about wishing he had a boss so he could get fired.  

So, despite my family's best efforts, the nursery still isn't complete.  But it is looking so good.  I might hang out in there every night until Margaret is born.  

Not only did my Aunt Charmen stencil her heart out yesterday, she also made an amazing gumbo dinner.  

IMG 0607

Coming home to a house full of people and dinner in the crockpot was perfection.  

IMG 0606

My only other picture yesterday was my happy face breakfast - like Julie's.  

IMG 0599

Every day should start with a happy face.  

Thought for the day

Question for the day

Are you a "solid color" painter, or do you like to do other stuff like designs and stencils?  

If it were up to me, that room would be one solid color with accidental smears on the ceiling and drippings on the carpet.  


  1. I'm not a stencil person, but I'm also not a one color person either. I like to have two walls one color and two walls another color. It makes it more fun!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with painting. When I get started, I'm so excited. and then 3/4s of the way through I'm ready for it to be other.


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