Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bargain Shopping

Yesterday was one of my rare Saturday mornings off work.  So, I thought I would take advantage of the free time and do a little bargain shopping.  

After eating breakfast with Dan,

IMG 0703

I pulled on some sweatpants and braved the Dollar Store and Big Lots.  After 3 hours of wandering around and not really knowing what I was doing (those aisles don't really have a rhyme or reason), I came home.  I don't know if I would call it successful but here are a few things that happened:

- I picked up a candle to smell it and the person before me didn't secure the lid, which fell to the ground and shattered around my feet.  After confirming that no one saw me, I went to the front of the store to tell the manager that there was glass on the floor.  Hehehe.  I did make it home with a $3 candle.  

IMG 0708

- Dan needed deodorant, but he told me to make sure it was the kind with anti-perspirant.  I was so worried about looking for it that what I brought home was just anti-perspirant, with no deodorant.  I wonder how that will work.

- I was excited to find a pretty good deal on powder Tide.  However, when I was bragging to Dan about it he told me our washing machine doesn't take powder detergent.  Fail.  

I am starting to think that paying the few extra dollars at Target may have been worth it.  

Dan went to go shoot guns with his friends.  No words.

IMG 0707

I was slightly worried about him wearing camo while just shooting guns, because I am pretty sure he would want his friends to see him.  Good thing for the hat.  

I spent the afternoon catching up on The Big Bang Theory, putting out my fall decorations,

IMG 0720

IMG 0721

making some butternut squash and black bean chili (which I found on Julie's blog),

IMG 0706

and watching the rain fall down.

IMG 0712

My friends came over for a night cap and some s'mores.

IMG 0719

However, Sarah brought over her mom Charlotte's famous jack-o-latern cookies.  Sugar cookies with some spices in them and the icing is orange flavored.  YUM.

IMG 0714

You would have to be crazy to pick a s'more over one of these babies.  Charlotte has been making them since I can remember, and they have always been one of my favorite things about Fall.  

Charlotte also sent me this super cute towel - now my Fall decorations are complete.  Thanks Charlotte!

IMG 0722

We spent the night chatting, watching football and then baseball, and setting up a blog for Liz.  

IMG 0717

It isn't quite ready, but when she posts her first post I will be sure to let you know - believe me, you wouldn't want to miss out!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Thought for the day

Question for the day

Do you bargain shop?  How much money do you think it saves you?  What is your favorite store?


  1. Those cookies look amazing!!
    Also nice wine rack!:)

    1. I love my wine rack - if only I could use it! ;)

      It was a nice Christmas present from Dan a few years ago.

  2. The cookies look super yummy and love the picture of Dan! :)

    I'm with you on the bargain shopping - sometimes it isn't worth the frustration. I do like wandering around the dollar store every once in awhile, though.

    1. He is adorable isn't he? I agree, wandering if way better than going there and actually needing something.


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