Wednesday, October 24, 2012

32 Weeks: Child Birth Classes

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I have been looking forward to child birth classes.  So, when Saturday rolled around and we could finally go, I was pretty pumped.

Of course, there was an accident on the highway and we showed up 8 minutes late.  As soon as we stepped out of the elevator, there were about 10 pair of eyes on us and the woman in the front of the class said, "You must be Racheal."

Guilty.  From then on, we had nowhere to go but up. Or so I thought.

IMG 0748

We started the class off by introducing ourselves, sharing our due date, if we knew the sex, etc.  Then the instructor would ask the fathers if they were going to be in the room.  And, if so, were they going to cut the cord.  I was interested to hear what Dan would say, because we had not talked about this in particular.  

Instructor: Dan, are you going to be in the room?

Dan: You bet.

Instructor: Are you going to cut the cord?

Dan: No, I'm going to bite it.

Instructor: Like a caveman?

I was surprised at the time, but really I should not have expected anything else.  

IMG 0749

The class was pretty uneventful while we learned about the initial stages of labor, when to go to the hospital, and what to do when you get there.  I actually learned a few things.

Dan was really alert and attentive the entire time.  When we started going over the different pushing positions he became really involved.   Once the instructor showed us the squatting position he was sold, and the rest of the weekend when we would tell people about the class he would say, "We are going to use the squatting position."  Oh my.

IMG 0750

Next came the videos.  I don't know what I expected, and as I have already seen someone in labor, I shouldn't have been surprised.  The first video was clip after clip of different women (without painkillers or an epidural) going through contractions.  They rocked back in forth, they made weird noises, they looked like they were possessed.  I hate seeing anyone in pain, so it was very uncomfortable for me to watch.  After it was over, Dan gave me a very concerned look and said, "that is the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life."

The next video was of a woman who decided to get an epidural.  The difference between the labors was night and day. She seemed to very much enjoy her labor and delivery and said a simple, "ow" as the baby came out.  

After the lunch break, we came back full of energy.  We started out by going over different breathing techniques and which ones you use for different parts of labor.  After some practice, the instructor gave the moms ice to put in their hands, and the dads had to coach the moms through their breathing while doing something slightly painful (holding ice).  

IMG 0751

I was so concerned that Dan wouldn't remember what to say, but when he put the ice in my hands, I got the worst case of the giggles.  He was coaching like a pro, calmly saying, "Breathe in, two, three, breath out two three..." over and over again and I was immaturely cracking up next to him.  I didn't even notice the ice.  Maybe that is how I will be during contractions...

Next, the instructor went over newborn care.  I have been around newborns often, so I consider myself a pro.  Ha!

IMG 0752

Lastly, the instructor went over relaxation techniques.  We were supposed to lie down on the floor with our pillows and help each other relax.  About two minutes in Dan was asleep and snoring.  I didn't know if I should wake him up or not, so I went back and forth between poking him in the side and trying to ignore him.  Neither worked.  I have never been very good at relaxing.  

IMG 0754

After Dan's nap we had a little quiz to see how much we remembered.  Surprisingly, Dan remembered many things that I didn't.  Looks like we make a pretty good team.  

Yesterday's Grub

Breakfast was a mix of bran flakes and frosted flakes (those cancel each other out, right?).

IMG 0796

I went super lazy for lunch, but cheese and crackers were the only thing that sounded good.

IMG 0797

Courtney, Eric, and Eli came over for dinner on a lawn mower.  <----missed photo opportunity.  I made white chicken chili (such a good and easy recipe) with cornbread.

IMG 0803

Courtney brought over a bananas foster pie that I wanted to shove my whole face in.  

IMG 0804

It was a good day.

Thought for the day

Question for the day

Have you ever been in a place where you get a case of the giggles, and it is very inappropriate to laugh?  It happened to me once at a funeral.  I am still mortified.  



  1. I'm right there with ya...funeral. I had on sandals and the funeral was grave side and I stepped into a cactus (Western Nebraska). It was a cross between a cry/laugh trying to get the sticky pod cactus out of the side of my foot. Everyone around me saw what happened and understood, I'm sure the people on the other side thought I was rude.

    1. Oh my, you poor thing! ;) I am sure that no one remembers that anymore.

  2. Oh Racheal! There is way too much I want to respond to and say about this post. But I'll keep it short...

    Have you seen the British Comedy "Coupling"? There is an episode about the Giggle Loop. Do a google search. I'm sure you can find a you tube clip. You reminded me of it! Cheers~

    1. I will have to Google that. I actually have seen a few episodes of that show, but not that one in particular. :)


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