Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Weeks: Starting to Waddle

IMG 0741

  • The more and more I walk, I find it is much easier if I use a wider stance, or waddle.  I am not an expert, but I think this might be way too soon.  I have nine more weeks to go!
  • I am quite sure that a goldfish could swim in my belly button.  It now shows through any shirt I wear, no matter how many layers I try.  Very fashionable, I know.

IMG 0743

  • Finally, complete random strangers have the guts to talk to me about being pregnant.  I love it.
  • Dan put a "Baby on Board" sign on my car.  I told him we didn't need it yet and he gave me a serious look and said, "There is a baby on board.  Who cares if it is in your tummy?"  Good point.
  • I have been super thirsty.  I drink a lot during the day, but I can't seem to stay hydrated.  One night I had a dream I was chugging water.  When I woke up, I immediately ran downstairs and drank about 32 oz.  
  • Two nights ago Dan came home so excited.  He said he told someone he works with that I was having heartburn and that person told him the baby would have a lot of hair.   He now often wonders (out loud) what the baby's hair will look like.  I told him that was an old wive's tale, but he is convinced.  How sweet.
  • Last night I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about everything I need to get done in the next 9 weeks.  Some are big things, like finishing the nursery, some are small things, like finishing up thank-you cards from the shower, but the list wouldn't stop piling up.  While I was laying there I convinced myself that I won't have any spare time to do things like watch TV.  
  • Dan and I are taking child birth classes this weekend.  I am sure there will be some great stories that come out of those.  

Yesterday's grub

Breakfast was a repeat of steel cut oats pumpkin oatmeal with a huge glass of milk.  (See mom, I am drinking milk.)

IMG 0738

Lunch was quinoa casserole leftovers from the night before and wonderfully delicious cottage cheese and pineapple. 

IMG 0737

This was pretty much all we had to eat for dinner (I really need to go grocery shopping). 

IMG 0739

Although it was tasty, it was very small.   There is more chicken in a McDonald's happy meal.  So, to supplement, I had a pop tart.  


Thought for the day

Question for the day

If you are a mom, did you take childbirth classes?  Did you like them, or find them helpful?

What is your favorite frozen quick meal?  Dan and I tend to stick with frozen pizza if we need something quick.



  1. Your husband cracks me up! And I can soooo see myself laying awake at night thinking about the little things, too. I do that now and I am not expecting!

  2. You've inspired me to create a blog....but I don't know what to write about - dilemma.

    My favorite frozen meal is Trader Joe's Mandarin Chicken with rice, if I have some frozen veggies I usually toss those in too. It is so delicious and filling.

  3. Aw, how awesome! Just start writing! I obviously can't decide what to write about either - running, weight loss, food, pregnancy, money, etc. So, a while ago I just decided to write about what I was thinking that day - my poor readers. :)

    Good luck - be sure to send me the link once you get started. :)

  4. My hubby and I did take classes. Baby classes, childbirth classes, breastfeeding. I found them very helpful but I don't think anything really prepares you for what happens when you actually get to the hospital. Racheal do you have a birth plan? I know some people do. They plan a natural birth, or to get an epidural. I didn't. But there are things I would have done differently.

    I love the Bertolli frozen meals in the bag. Really good. Throw in the skillet and add a salad and you are good to go. Its so hard for me to prepare dinner and make it a quick thing. I get home from work and I'm tired and I think Jeez dinner is going to take an hour.

    It's great that Dan is so excited about the baby. I do think the heartburn thing is a wise tail too, I had it something awful and my poor daughter had very little hair.

  5. I think the heartburn is spot on when it comes to hair. I had massive heartburn and Genevieve arrived with a full head of gorgeous locks. Totally worth the burn!
    As for child birth class, I attended day 1 of a 2-day hospital class and got a refund because it was so basic and I knew everything. Bummer! But at least I got a refund. Looking back I wish I did the Bradley Method.


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