Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good - a delicious peach for breakfast with a side of cereal.  

IMG 0079

The Bad - The person who owned my car before me stopped paying for my satellite radio.  Those 10 months were good while they lasted.

The Ugly - I forgot to throw my clothes from the washer to the dryer and realized it when I had exactly 1.5 seconds to leave my house.  So, I wore a wet tank top for half the day, which left me feeling so fresh and clean.  

The Good -  leftover cheeseburger pizza for lunch.  It even tasted better the next day.  

IMG 0078

The Bad - seeing the blue screen of death on my computer during the middle of a conference call when I had about 5 documents I needed to reference open.  I took a deep breath and a picture and then winged it for the next 15 minutes.

IMG 0080

The Ugly - swim suit shopping.  While 6 months pregnant.  Make that trying on regular swim suits because they don't make active maternity swim suits that don't cost a fortune.  

IMG 0087

The Good - meeting Chessa and Meghan for happy hour at La Bodega after work.

IMG 0081

The Bad - ordering one of everything because tapas are half price.

IMG 0085

IMG 0086

IMG 0084

The Ugly - fantasizing about knocking one of them out so I could steal their sangria.

IMG 0082

Thought for the day

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