Sunday, September 16, 2012

Military Benefits

Welcome to the last Hawaii post.   I know, very sad.  

I don't think I mentioned this before, but part of the reason we chose Oahu as our family vacation destination was that Dan's Uncle Rocky is stationed there.  

IMG 1767

(Rocky's amazing girlfriend Tara, Rocky, Rocky's daughter, Marissa, me, Dan's Gma, Dan, Dan's mom).

He is a marine and lives on the beautiful base on the East side of the island.  Before this trip I had never seen this side, and I do believe I was missing out.  

IMG 0342

He showed us around the base and gave of a very brief description of his complicated-sounding job.  

IMG 0353

We even were able to climb to the top of their air traffic control tower and get a mini-lesson on the ins and outs oflanding an airplane and were lucky enough to see one in action.  

IMG 0346

The view from there was breathtaking.  Can you imagine going to work and seeing that everyday?  I think I am going to request a relocation.  

IMG 0343

We also ate a few meals at Uncle Rocky's house, which was perfect, because sometimes all you want on vacation is a home cooked meal.  And let me tell you, these meals barely tasted like they were home cooked, more like gourmet.   Hands down the best meals we ate all week.  Dan and I were taking notes.  

IMG 0362

IMG 0467

My favorite part was seeing Dan and his family interact together, which I haven't seen much of in the past.  It was wonderful.

IMG 0341

We spent our entire last day in Hawaii on base, and enjoyed golfing by the ocean at the base's golf course.  

IMG 0435

It was great watching the boys have such a fun time together.

IMG 0442

IMG 0446

IMG 0463

Because I only hit the golf ball about 13% of the times I swing, I chose to forgo the game and instead was Dan's caddy.  

IMG 0465

Even though I didn't know which club was which and I always lost track of where his ball went, I had a wonderful time.  

We are now on our way back, leaving with nothing but memories and a few souveniers.  

IMG 0469

I am throughly looking forward to a Sunday on my couch watching football.  I hope yours is just as great!  

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