Monday, September 10, 2012

Margaret's First Ocean Swim

What do you do when you wake up at 2:30 AM and can't go back to sleep because it is really 7:30 to you?

1. Eat a banana while setting your failure of a fantasy football team

IMG 0119

2. Bake cookies

IMG 0153

3. Drive to a place in the dark to watch the NFL games.

IMG 0120

We went to Giovani's Pastrimi in downtown Waikiki and shared a delicious pastrami sandwich.  

IMG 0124

IMG 0127

Our morning had a sad ending.  

IMG 0130

But, we soon forgot about the bad morning with the beautiful plants and views while walking around Waikiki Beach.

IMG 0133

IMG 0135

IMG 0137

IMG 0142

Next we went to the Aloha Stadium swap meet and found quite a few things we couldn't live without.  

IMG 0146

Dan bought some Hawaiian shirts made by this guy.

IMG 0145

Teresa and Gordon bought Margaret her first quilt.  Isn't that adorable?;

IMG 0154

After shopping we built up an appetite and went to Uncle's fish market.  

IMG 0147

The blackened mahi mahi was just as tasty as I remembered it four years ago.  

IMG 0150

After lunch we finally had a second to throw our swim suits on and head to the beach. 

IMG 0155

Margaret was so excited for her first time in the ocean.  She gave a few extra kicks to tell me so.  

IMG 0157

Dan and I had a great time watching kids around us play in the water and build sand castles. 

IMG 0160

And talk about how we will be designing crazy castles with our kids soon enough.  

IMG 0165

 The night ended with a fireworks show at the beach.

IMG 0177

IMG 0184

Dan, his mom, his uncle (who lives in Hawaii) and his grandma.

IMG 0180

It is now 10:30 Hawaii time.  I don't even stay up that late Kansas City time.  I would consider that a win!  Have a  good week!


  1. What a lovely trip. And that quilt is adorable!!!

  2. My morning (well, it was afternoon in Ohio!) also had a sad ending. Me and my Dexter McCluster jersey, and my hubs in his Eric Berry were definitely feeling sad... :(

  3. Oh Racheal you look so cute in your suit. Just Beautiful pictures, and the quilt is just precious.


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