Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lessons Learned in Hawaii


1. Breakfast is cheaper, but can be just as tasty and pretty if cooked and served inside your hotel room. We bought some mango jam at the swap meet and have been slapping it on to everything - toast, pancakes, etc.  

IMG 0192

IMG 0236

2. War is horribly devastating. Of course, I already knew that, but seeing the effects up close and personal at  Pearl Harbor was a very sobering reminder.  

IMG 0193

IMG 0198

There were Pearl Harbor survivors there to talk to, such an interesting conversation. 

IMG 0204

The oil still seeping out of the U.S.S. Arizona 70 years later is one crazy thing to see.  

IMG 0206

IMG 0208

3.  Seeing the place where World War II ended on the Mighty Mo is #5,438 that I am so proud to live in Missouri.

IMG 0217


IMG 0212

4. I barely fit in the Navy's sleeping chambers.

IMG 0223

5. Opa is a delicious fish. Especially when grilled.  If you go to Dukes on Waikiki, you should order it.  Duke's had an amazing view of the beach, a live Hawaiian band, and a wonderful atmosphere.  

IMG 0230

6. There are crazy weird bird people even in Hawaii.

IMG 0231

7. One CANNOT drive all around the island of Oahu.  So, when the Garmin says to turn around for 30 miles, you should listen to it, or else you will have to drive 30 miles back to where you came from.  

IMG 0239

IMG 0247

But, the views at the end of the road are worth the extra 2 hours in the car.

IMG 0249

8. Caves are creepy, no matter where you find them.

IMG 0251

IMG 0253

9. Nothing tastes more fresh than a pineapple picked from the ground. (Dole Plantation)

IMG 0259

IMG 0261

Well, except for maybe pineapple ice cream.

IMG 0275

10. Getting lost for the second time in one day is worth it, to find the place that makes the best coconut shrimp in the world (at Kahuku Grill in North Shore).  

IMG 0276


IMG 0280

11. Hawaiian dresses / shirts put everyone in a better mood, especially when going to a luau (Fia Fia Luau at Ko Olina).

IMG 0282

12. Flower tattoos are kind of cool.  

IMG 0288

IMG 0287

But scorpion tattoos an your neck are way cooler.  

IMG 0295

IMG 0294

13. Coconuts don't taste very good fresh.  Please give me the kind in the bag that is shredded.

IMG 0292

14. No matter how nice you ask, you can't take a Polynesian boy home as a souvenier.  

IMG 0299


IMG 0300

15.  Making fire with sticks is not for the weak at heart.  

IMG 0301

Neither is tree climbing.  Basically, I would have not survived very long if I had to rely on those skills.

IMG 0317

16. There are very few things as beautiful as a Hawaiian sunset with your honey.

IMG 0313

We have been going non-stop since we walked off the airplane.  I think today is going to be set aside for rest, relaxation, and sandcastle building.  

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  1. Have you seen the movie Battleship yet? It's stupid, but the USS Missouri has a part in it that you'd probably like... if you can get past the horrific acting and premise.


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