Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Financial Peace University

On Sunday, Dan and I attended our first class of Financial Peace University.  

IMG 0543

As I said before, the only budget we have had the past few years was to not bounce the checking account and with Margaret arriving sooner rather than later, we decided we needed a game plan.  

However, up until now I have been soley responsible for our house's money management.  Dan just gave me his check, swiped the card when he wanted something, and went on his merry way.  So, you can imagine his resistance to any change.

IMG 0542

I want to be clear.  Dan wants to be better with money in theory, but isn't all too crazy about the actual action of anything changing.  That is why I thought this program would be perfect.  

Instead of me telling Dan what he needs to do, that he can't buy something, or shouldn't do something, Dave will.  Perfect.  This will keep our not-fighting-about-money-record squeaky clean and will guide us into making decisions together.

Also, don't let that pouty face fool you, after about 2 minutes into the class, Dan grabbed the workbook and pen from me and was taking his own notes - even filling out more than the blanks.  I would have been happy if he stayed awake the entire class, so of course I was super impressed.

The class was about 2 hours long - a video combined with a small group discussion.  I went into this thinking that the class would guide me in doing something I already knew how to do.  However, I actually learned a few things that I never knew.  Love it.  

This week was pretty much an introduction into why we should do this program, and went a little into the basics of saving, with homework of starting a budget - which we plan to do tonight.  

I am excited for the next 8 weeks, and will let you know how it goes.  


Breakfast and lunch were my typical cold packed combo - pineapple and cottage cheese, peanut butter and chocolate overnight oats, carrots yumminess.  

IMG 0544

Dan grilled steaks for dinner while I made cauliflower and orzo rice.

IMG 0549

We made the amazing discovery that the remote works from outside, so we watched the first few minutes of the football game while finishing up dinner.  It took every single one of those Aaron Rodgers sacks for me to win my fantasy football game.  Thank you Seattle Seahawks defense.  

IMG 0547

Genius or trashy?  I will let you decide.  

Thought for the day

(My dad used to say this to me when he gave me money.  Funny.0




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  1. Racheal - I'm so excited that you are doing FPU! I'm friends with your cousin Amanda (she told me about your blog). My husband and I are some of the coordinators for FPU at Church of the Resurrection. FPU changed our lives, it's tough (especially for me - I tend to the be the spender and my husband is the saver) but it's SOOO worth the effort!


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