Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chubby Elvis

It was a pretty rainy, lazy day over here.

IMG 0017

(Notice the red sleeping bag.  Dan brings that out anytime we are laying around the living room just to get a reaction out of me.)

Breakfast while catching up on some computer stuff.

IMG 0015

Lunch while watching college football.  Dan picked up Thai to go.  Green curry chicken warms my heart.

IMG 0019

Dinner at Santa Callagon Days.  I had a soft pretzel, but forgot to take a picture.  

IMG 0021

I was a little flustered after the clown in the dunking booth called my husband a "chubby Elvis".  

IMG 0022

Don't worry, we paid $25 to make sure he went down.  It only took about 100 baseballs, but I was one proud momma.  

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday.  

Thought for the day

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