Monday, September 24, 2012

A Different Type of Plaza Art Fair

When anyone mentions the word "art" around Dan he will immediately start gushing about how the plaza art fair is one of his top five favorite things to do.  (The other four on the list vary depending on the season, his mood, who he is talking to, etc. but the plaza art fair is always there).  

He looks forward to it all year long and I agree that the plaza art fair is amazing, how couldn't it be?

The region's best art + Kansas City's best food + the brink of Fall weather = a good time EVERY time.  

Also, our house is almost exclusively decorated from our art fair finds the previous years. 

IMG 0508

IMG 0509

IMG 0511

IMG 0512

IMG 0513

IMG 0514

Dan and I had made it a tradition that every year we would buy something from the plaza art fair.  However, this year two things happened.  

One, we just returned from a pricey trip to Hawaii and anytime I return from a trip, I am always in money saving mode.  More on this later - but I hope to stay in money saving mode for quite some time.

Two, we met my sister's family there.  I was so happy she brought Kauffman and Hallaway - it had been more than 2 weeks since I had seen them and that was not acceptable.  I was going through withdrawal.

IMG 0518

However, it appears that just about everyone else in Kansas City likes the plaza art fair just as much as we do.  It was the most crowded I have ever seen it, making maneuvering between stands by myself difficult.  Therefore, pushing a double stroller from place to place was virtually impossible.  

IMG 0523

So, we enjoyed the art from the sidelines, grabbed some food, and danced to music.  We had plans to meet friends, but the idea of pushing through the sea of people was so overwhelming.  (Sorry Liz!)

IMG 0520

We didn't purchase any art, but we still had a great time and came home with a much more valuable item.  

IMG 0533

Having Kauffman stay the night gives me a little preview of how much I am going to enjoy full time motherhood.  

IMG 0541

We watched Disney movies, rode the tractor, played on the swing set, built Leggos, sang songs, cuddled, threw the ball, kicked the ball, you name it, we did it.  We even were able to see a rare Chiefs win!

A wonderful weekend and great start to the week.  

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