Friday, September 28, 2012

28 Weeks: Margaret is a PC

We have officially hit the third trimester!  Congrats Margaret!  We celebrated with ice cream.  She loved it.  

I don't have an expanding belly picture this week because I was lacking a photographer, but next week is going to be a huge change!

- The best part of hitting the third trimester mark?


I obviously don't mind walking from my far away parking spot most of the time, but when it is raining or really cold, the benefits of parking close are priceless.  I am thankful that there aren't many other people at my job who "planned" on having a Christmas baby, so those spots are almost always open.  

- I met with my wonderful mid-wife yesterday afternoon.  She said that Margaret is perfect.   Her head is down (which can change and isn't an issue until around 32 weeks).  Her heart rate was between 150 and 160.  She was as active as ever.  She already can count to 10 and say her ABC's....

- I also had my glucose tolerance test yesterday.

IMG 0566

I packed the syrup with my lunch and set a timer on my computer to go off when I needed to drink it.  I know lots of people complain about how sweet the syrup is, but I have been training for this moment my whole life with candy.  It didn't bother me one bit.

- I am disappointed to tell you that Margaret is a PC.  When I type up my posts in the morning I sit with my computer on my belly.  Yesterday she kicked so hard that my computer moved!  She must really hate Macs.  

- When Dan got home I told him he could feel her move if he waited long enough.  After a little poking around, she finally started fighting back and the look on Dan's face was one I will never forget.  I may have cried.  It was so awesome seeing him be able to interact with her in a way that I have been able to for so long.  The downside?  His hand will not leave my belly for the next 12 weeks.  

- We are starting to paint the nursery this weekend. My amazingly wonderful awesome aunt is coming in town and she is going to work her magic.  

- My family is having a baby shower for me next weekend.  After putting it off, I finally went to Target last night to register.  My aunt told me that the 20 things I had on my registry from online shopping wouldn't cut it.  I always thought I would look forward to registering, but when it comes down to it I feel so greedy.  I look at the prices of everything and feel like if I register for something I am saying that I expect someone to spend that much money on me.  So, every time I clicked that gun (which was around 80 times) I said a little, "I'm sorry."  I still have to go to Buy Buy Baby tonight after work.  

Other items on my baby to-do list:

  • Figure out if Margaret should be on my or Dan's insurance
  • Pre-register for my hospital delivery
  • Find a pediatrician 
  • PIck out a breast pump (thinking of looking on Craig's List)
  • Become independently wealthy


These egg muffins are pretty darn convenient.  Eggs are great protein in the morning, and they keep me full until lunch time.

IMG 0568

Lunch was the little bit of leftover chili we had from the night before.  The more mustard the better.

IMG 0567

Dinner was chicken stuffing casserole with corn.  

IMG 0569

Thought for the day:

Questions for the day:

If you are a parent, what gift given to you at your shower helped you the most with your bebe?  

If you are not a parent, what is your go-to baby shower gift?  (Mine was the bumbo, which was recalled.  Of course.  Sorry for all those babies out there I could have unknowingly harmed.)

Would you buy a breast pump off Craig's List?




  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery. :)

  2. I always buy the activity mat. If that's not available, I try to buy a bunch of the "little things" to make a themed basket, like a basket full of bath soap and shampoo with bath towels, etc.

  3. I always buy the vibrating bouncy chair with the activity arch...that thing saves your sanity!!! You are able to put them in there close to where you are and let them be happy vibrating their little tush!!

  4. I'm a parent and I loved the bumbo. It's totally safe as long as your not sitting it on the counter for your baby it sit in. I rented my breast pump, I had to end up going with formula so I'm glad I didn't waste money on one.

  5. I'm with Kristin, I would Rent. I went through the breast feeding classes and due to timing it just didn't work out for me. Shannon is right, The vibrating bouncy chair is a god sin. The best thing I ever I got was a swing. The kind you wind up. My poor daughter (who is 9 now) slept between the swing and the pack in play for the first 2 weeks. That swing gave me many hours of needed sleep.
    Don't feel like you being greedy Racheal. This will be the most life changing thing that has ever happen to you. Believe me it will. Your shower will be so much fun, and you will appreciate all the fabulous stuff you get. Let people splurge on you!

  6. I have 4 girls and been blessed to be able to nurse all of them. I've tried tons of pumps and none compare to a Medela. It pulled more oz and in less time not to mention comfort. They are a pretty pricey piece of equipment, so I wouldn't buy it until after you have the baby and confirm you can nurse or want to nurse. I did buy mine from Craigslist but do your research and make sure you know what you are looking at, don't want to waste money on something broken. I bought mine for $150 and it's lasted threw 2 babies and I let a friend borrow it for hers. That's a lot of pumping. You can purchase all new parts and of course you don't want to use any parts that came into contact with another's fluids. I didn't buy extra bottles. I pumped into one, poured it into those freezer bags, rinsed really well and repeat for the day. Giving everything a good cleaning in the evening. The freezer bags are smaller and take up less space, plus less bottles I had to clean. Also just a suggestion for bottles, my kids where super picky, I think I bought 10 different brands/styles of bottles before I found one that worked and they liked. So before you buy a whole lot of bottles make sure it's one they like. Mine liked gerber. If you need help on buying a pump I'll be happy to assist.

  7. YES
    YES I WOULD ;)
    and my sister DID.
    and her uh...well she...and all was fine with the pump :)

  8. You know that I loved that you celebrated with ice cream. ;-)


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