Wednesday, September 19, 2012

27 Weeks: Funny and Not So Funny

IMG 0484

Funny: A text from my brother in law, "The longest human pregnancy on record is 17 months and 11 days.  I hope yours doesn't last that long."  I responded with the standard eviction notice text.

Not so funny: shedding tears at everything, including Google commercials and Brad Paisley songs.  

Funny: I told my HR rep at work I was pregnant and wanted to fill out the paperwork for maternity leave.  This week I got a letter in the mail stating that my short term disability group "was notified of your need for leave beginning on December 19, 2012 due to your own serious health condition."  

Not so funny: Heart burn.  Talk about a serious health condition.  No more tomatoes or tomato sauce for this girl until January.

Funny: How fast a pineapple craving can turn into a leftover pizza in the fridge craving when pineapple is nowhere to be found.   I have since then stocked up on pineapple because it turns out that leftover pizza has tomato sauce on it.

Not so funny: being the only sober person on a catamaran full of 40-something women who all thought my husband was hilarious  and kept asking where in the world did I find him?   Hands off ladies, those side burns are mine.  

Funny: the sounds that make Margaret kick - Dan's voice, me getting an argumentative tone, luau music, football games etc.

Not so funny: I only have one maternity fall outfit (thanks to my wonderful aunt), so after the next few weeks I will be wearing the same thing everyday.  Please don't judge.


Breakfast - eggs, toast and Louisiana hot sauce plus canned pineapple.  

IMG 0476

Lunch - a delicious Southwestern flavored quinoa conconction and fruit on top of cottage cheese.

IMG 0478

Dinner - other than leftover pizza, I tried to make nut butter fries with carrots, but I burnt them.

IMG 0480

So, I ate some grapes instead and found a way to get my dogs to eat their vegetables.

IMG 0483

Thought for the day


  1. How does hot sauce not give you heartburn? LOL Glad to see things on the pregnancy front are going well! The third trimester will fly by.

    1. Isn't it hilarious that plain ol' tomatoes give me heart burn, but I can drink hot sauce and nothing happens? Crazy.

  2. No more tomatoes! I don't know what I'd do! This was a funny post (even if some things were not so funny.)

  3. Not even a Congratulations on your serious health condition? Haha ;)

  4. Hi Racheal, The dogs eating the nutter butter fries made laugh out loud. The glucose test isn't bad.
    Imagine a bottle of the sweetest orange soda you have ever had, on an empty stomach. I did feel a little icky after, so make sure there are snacks in your car.

  5. You are just the cutest thing! Happy that I found your blog. You remind me of me when I was pregnant with girl #1. Everything was new, exciting, enjoyable, and so doable! Remember to keep everything light hearted, relaxed, and fun when baby arrives. Oh, and don't stop running=)



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