Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacation from Vacation

Although I had an absolutely fantastic time on vacation, I was pretty happy when the wheels of the plane touched the ground at KCI yesterday morning.  Because I am often trying to squeeze as much vacation out of my vacation days / weekends, I feel like Dan and I usually get back home late Sunday night or early Monday morning.  Then I find myself exhausted the rest of the week saying, “I need a vacation from my vacation.”

Well, yesterday I discovered that all I really need is one day to catch up.  I sorted through the bills and the mail.  Dan went grocery shopping and made dinner.


We had a relaxing evening playing with the dogs, catching up on The Newsroom, and watching the movie The Adjustment Bureau.  I now feel ready to tackle the next month!

Sorry for no posts the past few days, but my camera is on the fritz.  It takes indoor pictures okay, but any pictures I take with natural sunlight look like this:


My uncle became the official RWR photographer and unfortunately I didn’t get the last few days’ pics from him before we left. 

A few thoughts from Saratoga Springs:

1. Go there.  Horse racing is so much fun.  The people watching alone is worth it. I have my fill of short dresses and big hats for the next two years.  Dan and I bet on every single race and mixed up our strategy a few times.  We ended up down $7 but up a good time. 

2. The shops downtown are adorable.  I already have a few Christmas presents under my belt!

3. The mineral baths are interesting.  My feelings wavered between “this feels really cool” and “this feels really gross.”  IMG_0505

4. My family went to the Old Bryan Inn for dinner the first night we were there, and that is the only pace we ate for the rest of the trip.  Amazing food and wonderful service. 

Looking forward to this busy week!  Happy Monday!

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