Friday, August 3, 2012

The World’s Longest “to do” List

I find it absolutely hilarious that I started yesterday off thinking I would be completely ready for my vacation last night– one day early – and spend Friday shopping no-tax weekend and relaxing before our flight early Saturday morning.  


Although I did get quite a few items crossed off, for every one task I finished, I added three more. 

I gave the dogs a bath, but then remembered they needed their medicine refilled, some more food, and I needed to get cash to pay the lovely woman watching them.

I did laundry and packed the clothes that still fit me, but I am slowly running out of undergarments that fit (TMI?), I can’t find two skirts, and I still have my laundry list of electronics and toiletries to pack.  Plus, Dan’s suitcase is still empty and let’s face it, if I let him back he will get to Boston with 9 pair of pants and 2 shirts.  You might laugh, but it has happened before. 

I finished one project at work, only to get about five more added to my plate.  I swear I have had more work to do this week than I have the past two months combined. I worked until 7 PM last night!  For a girl that usually rolls in the driveway at 4:30, that is late.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy at work. However, I feel bad for leaving a huge pile of work for my backup. 

To top things off, my sister took us up on our offer to take Hallaway with us on our flight, so her and Cody didn’t have to attempt to handle two babies and a layover.  I am super excited and happy to help.  I also think it will be really good practice for Dan and me.  However, there are obviously many different opportunities for disaster in an equation that starts with me, Dan and a 3 month old and ends at an airport.  I keep running my game plan through my head and I think I have the most “fail-safe” plan possible, but if you are up early Saturday morning a prayer couldn’t hurt.

Now I am up and at ‘em early to tackle my Friday and knock out my ever-growing to-do list.  


Best breakfast shake ever = 2 frozen bananas + 1 C milk + 1 TBS almond butter + 1 scoop chocolate protein powder


Lunch: 3 flat bread “bites” – veggie, cheeseburger, and Italian.  Veggie was the best by far. 


Dinner – a strawberry cream slush from Sonic and cracklin’ oat bran. Hey – don’t judge.  It had strawberries and oats.  It can’t be that bad. 

IMG_0323   IMG_0324n


I busted out 3 miles while jamming to Pandora.  Felt ssssoooo good afterwards. 

Thought for the day


  1. Have a great vacation and good luck with the little one on the plane. If you can time it right, try to be giving her a bottle during take-off. The sucking helps prevent the ears pressuring up and being painful because goodness knows you can't explain to a baby why their tiny little ears are suddenly hurting. And then it might be likely that she will fall asleep after her bottle and sleep most of the flight which is also awesome! Can't wait to hear about your trip :)

  2. Why does it take so much to get *ready* for vacation? I've nearly torn my hair out before! And the same goes for my hubby. He does pack his own stuff, but does it very last minute and there's always something he forgets or is lucky to have me bring. ;-) Have a great time!


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