Friday, August 17, 2012

The Right Place

When I am sick I always sit in my miserable-ness and wish I appreciated the times when I didn’t feel sick.  In much the same way, when my life isn’t going so great, I wish I realized when it was.

That is what I am doing today.  Taking a moment to appreciate how happy I am right now.  How I am just in a right place.  How I go to bed every night and wake up every morning feeling absolutely content. I know this isn’t going to last forever, that my “right place” will change or I will need or want something different, so I am going to savor it as long as possible. 

I just got back from a relaxing vacation with some much appreciated family time.


My job is going wonderfully.  I have just enough work to keep me feeling useful and purposeful, but not too much to stress me out.  I also found a good balance of hours to work my part time job.


(Not what I do at my current job, but a dorky picture, so I had to include it.)

My marriage (which can be an entire roller coaster of its own) is at an all-time high.


I am starting a whole new family of my own.


I don’t run everyday or eat perfectly but I am getting about 80% on track, and that is good enough for me. There are no projects weighing me down.  No lingering items on my to-do list.  Maybe I need to get busier, or maybe I have finally realized what is important to me. 

Tomorrow I get to see all my friends and family at the gender reveal party.  (There was a problem with many of the invitations.  That is what I get for mailing them while on vacation.  So, if you feel like you should have received an invite but didn’t, consider yourself invited.)

gender reveal

When people ask me how I am feeling (and many people do these days), I can’t help but answer, “Wonderful.” 

I feel like I have spent so much of my life chasing something, not really knowing what it was.  I do now.  This feeling.  This place. The right place. 

(As I finished up this post my SD card shattered inside my computer. Well, it was good while it lasted.  Hehehe.)


The best breakfast on Earth.  If you have fresh from the garden tomatoes you must try this.


Lunch and snacks were everything cold from my fridge.


Dan made me spaghetti for dinner.


Dessert – skinny banana bread I bought at a bake sale at work. 


Thought for the day


  1. I love this post of gratefulness! It makes me smile and think of what I'm grateful for, too. And you keep posting that egg/tomato sandwich combo that I just *have* to make it now... ;-) Have a great weekend.

  2. I love that you're doing a gender reveal party! I've never known anyone who had one - it sounds so fun.

    I just found your blog (after you commented on mine) and am having fun clicking around. I'm guessing you live in KC? I'm there somewhat often since my boyfriend lives there.

    1. Yes, I do live in Kansas City. I really should add that to my bio. Actually a little south of Kansas City, but we are in the city all the time. I love it - I have lived here pretty much my whole life. I am going to start following your blog, so I can hear about all your adventures in KC. :)


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