Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Name Game

I have always been horrible with names.  A face I can remember, but when people introduce themselves to me their names go in one ear and out the other.  It is almost like the rest of the coverstaion takes over in my brain and instead of thinking of ways to remember the name, I am thinking of ways to make a good first impression. This is exactly what happened at work yesterday.

I was walking to go grab some water when our HR representative walked by me with a man I didn't know.  She stopped to say hi and ask how the baby was and politely introduced this man in the process.  He was from corporate and we actually have been working on the same side initiative, so I chit chatted with him a bit and went on my way.  I remembered the entire converation, except for his name. 

As I was leaving for the day I was so close to the door when I passed the man again.  I smiled and said bye.  But, of course, he had to one-up me and say, "Bye! Racheal, right?" 

Me: Yes, that's right. Wow you are good.
Him: Did you remember my name?
Me: Thinking with blank / paniced look on face.  I had nothing.

He laughed and reassured me it was no big deal, then reintroduced himself to me. 

I will probably never see that man again in my life, but I will always remember his name.  Lesson learned.  My mid-August resolution is to get better at remembering names.  It didn't necessairly matter this time, but a time will come when it will matter.  A lot.

This article from Forbes has some good tips.  Now I just need some practice.  Anyone going to a mixer and need a pregnant date?  It is a good conversation starter...

(Sorry for the worst pictures ever.  Not only is my camera is broken but I also lost the charger to my personal computer when my photo editor on it. Sigh.)

Breakfast - two hard boiled eggs and some berries

Lunch - left over Mexican from the party on Saturday - what I will be eating for the rest of my life

Afternoon snack - cake

We went to a friend's house for dinner, but I was not very hungry due to the cake, but the steaks looked so good.

I had a good chunk of one and gave the rest to Dan.

Thought for the day

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  1. I'm terrible at names too. Except with my students, those I can get within the first day of school. But adults? Nada.
    By the title of this post I thought you were going to update us with Margarette's name. Or maybe you have decided on Margarette. Nickname Maggie would be really cute :)


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