Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Dishes

Before Dan and I were married, we spent hours picking out which dishes we wanted. These hours weren’t nice either.  We could not agree on anything.  He wanted gray / steely looking dishes and I wanted sweet and cheery dishes.  I think we finally compromised on the one set that we both didn’t hate and called it a day. 

Fast forward 4 years later and all I have now are a whole bunch of chips.  Every single plate has some piece missing and some of the bowls are so chipped that they may be dangerous to touch.  Having people over for dinner has started to become difficult, so now I only invite people who don’t care about chipped dishes – ha! 

So, when my aunt told me her mother-in-law was moving to assisted living and asked if I wanted her dishes I was very excited.  Did I want them?  Of course.  Even better, when I was on vacation, my grandma and cousin washed them and put them away in my cabinet. 


Beautiful, chip-less, and classic.  Even Dan approves.


Breakfast: 2 small tomatoes + 2 hard boiled egged + 2 pieces of toast + 2 tbs mayo = heaven.  (Notice the new plate.) This is so fresh tasting and keeps me full until lunch.  I will probably have this for breakfast until my little garden that could stops producing tomatoes. 


I had a work meeting for lunch, and because I was meeting several colleagues for the first time, I opted out on the picture taking.  I don’t want them to know how weird / crazy I am.  Yet.  Lunch was catered by Ingredient and was wonderful.  I had half a sandwich, two servings of salad, and half a bag of jalapeno chips.  Carrot cake cookie for dessert. 

Dan worked late, so to tide me over I mixed some Greek yogurt with fruit spread and a banana for a 5:30 snack.


Dinner was leftover Springfield cashew chicken – Dan’s go-to order at a Chinese restaurant. 


Back in the Game

My ankle has loosened up, so I attempted a 3 mile walk on the treadmill.  It went pretty smoothly – no pain just a lot of stiffness.  It felt so good to get a little sweat going. 

Joke for the day (source)


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  1. Can I say again how impressed I am with your self control when it comes to eating? Your portion sizes are so under control! When I'm preggo, the super market better watch out because they'll be out of everything. It's kind of that way now and I'm not even pregnant. Just training for a triathlon.


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