Monday, August 27, 2012

Margaret's Last Race

Yesterday I jogged / fast walked Margaret's last race - the 10th annual Head for the Cure 5K.  


I jogged with Julie, my friend I met through Weight Watchers and blogging.  It was her first 5K and she rocked it out!  I was super impressed.  

I hope that Margaret as a person (as opposed to Margaret as a fetus) will join me in many races in the future, but this is the last one I can force her to.  

This race was wonderful, despite the crummy weather!  It was such an intimate setting, with just the right amount of activity.  There were many families there, and I imagined what it would be like to return next year with a stroller.  They had complimentary food before and after the race, a great band, and many wonderful ways to commemorate loved ones lost to cancer.

We laid low this weekend, but we did have some visitors Saturday night.  


Dan made breakfast pizza while I chatted and played with the babies. 



I am starting a baby girl collection at my house.  Donations are accepted. 

My sister's family spent the night on Saturday, so it was extra hard to leave for the race Sunday morning.  But I  knew that after I crossed the finish line I would get to come home to this:


Totally worth it.  

The rest of yesterday was spent at a family reunion then I came home to watch a movie with Dan.  I picked Friends with Kids because I thought it would be light hearted, cute, and funny.

I was wrong.   I have not cried that hard in a movie in a long time.  Dan even got up half way through and said he couldn't take it anymore.  I still thought it was a great movie, but waaaaayyyy more serious than I expected.  My favorite part was when the guy said the most romantic part of a relationship is raising kids together.  This  means I have a lot to look forward to in the romance department!  

Brown chicken brown cow.  

On that note, have a great Monday!

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