Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inner Child

Yesterday we started out our day at The New England Aquarium. 


All weekend long Kauffman had been talking about the seals on the outside of the aquarium, so we were anxious to see how he felt about all the animals that were inside.

(The above picture is the only one we have so far of our entire group, so I thought I would introduce everybody.  We are on this trip courtesy of my awesome Uncle John [back left] and Aunt Charmen [back right].  Back, left to right – my cousin Abby, moi, my cousin Alexis, and K-man.  Front left to Right: Danimal, my brother-in-law Cody, my sister Jessie, and my cousin Ashley holding Hallaway.  It was a big group.  I don’t think Boston knew what hit them.)

Dan and I have always loved aquariums, but taking a child who is seeing most of these things for the first time makes the experience that much better.


Then there is Dan who stares with a child-like awe at most everything and yells, “Racheal, come look at this!” about every 5 minutes. 


And there is me, who screamed like a baby when I touched the ray for the first time – the five year old next to me gave me a very condescending look. 


Of course, our inner-child always makes an appearance in gift shops.



After the aquarium, we headed to lunch at Cheers, said goodbye to Boston (sad), and put Jessie, Cody, and the babies on a plane back home (super sad).  Then we jumped in the rental car and drove to Lake George in New York.

Boston, MA to Lake George, NY - Google Maps

Thanks to all of you who suggested places to visit in Boston – I am really sad that I didn’t get a chance to go there.  But, I thought I would ask if anyone has any suggestions for the Lake George area?  What about Saratoga Springs?

I don’t know what the exact plan in for today, but I think it will include a whole bunch of relaxing.


  1. I live in Saratoga! Have been lurking, reading your blog for a couple of months :)

    In Lake George - Bolton Landing is a cute town to check out. Nice shops, good restaurants, nice to walk around and explore. There is a tiny little town beach to swim in the lake from.

    Lake George village is fun too - very touristy with a haunted house, arcade, mini golf, etc. But also fun to walk around. Bigger beach to check out (Million Dollar beach.)

    Saratoga Springs is so fun - also a nice town to walk around - park on Broadway and you can spend a few hours going into the shops - more upscale than Lake George. Great restaurants - Forno for casual italian/pizza, Ravenous for crepes & fries, Maestro's for something a little fancier - great food & service, Bailey's for burgers and a big open patio. And of course the race track is the big draw this time of year. It's inexpensive to go in, great people watching, lots of food options, and it's a lot of fun to bet a few dollars on the races.

    Wow, this was a long comment - just wanted to weigh in, since I have found so many of your posts to be helpful :) have fun!


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