Monday, August 20, 2012

I did / I didn’t

Yesterday morning I did wake up early, drink coffee and eat cake for breakfast with my sister while talking about baby girls.  I didn’t sleep in.  Or get any sleep the night before, thanks to Dan and the boys who wanted to celebrate our future daughter a little too much. 

For lunch, I did celebrate my brother’s birthday with my family, but I didn’t take any pictures.  Or at least any good ones.  But thanks to his girlfriend’s Facebook page, I still have a few to post here.  Thanks Cindy!

217967_592572124289_632857339_n   378205_592580647209_652265890_n

My baby daddy (left) and my brother the birthday boy (right)


My dad and my sister

405457_592572503529_601112340_n   481141_592570078389_1855160022_n

Me holding my favorite princess (left) and Jessie with my favorite prince (right).

After lunch I did come home, lie on the couch, and watch TV / read until I went to bed around 7.  I didn’t run or walk.  I didn’t clean my house (it is looking pretty scary right now).  I didn’t eat anything other than a few Doritos for dinner.  I did officially hit the restart button this morning.

Even though yesterday was sort of a wash, I did have an amazing and memorable weekend with family and friends! 

Thought for the day

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