Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gender Predictors

I promise, that after tomorrow’s post you will not have to read the word gender on this blog for quite some time.  So for now, just humor me. 


Currently, the old wives vote girl – but they really can’t decide.  A few other tests with links: 

Chinese Gender Predictor: girl by both conception and due date

Old Wives Quiz: 53% girl

Parents Magazine Quiz: boy

Fortune Baby Quiz: girl (60%)

Just Mommies Quiz: 58% boy

Sleep Position:more comfortable on the right - girl

Morning Sickness: none - boy

Craving more sweet vs. salty - girl

More headaches - yes - boy

Heart Rate: (150ish)  girl

Wedding Ring Swing: boy

Baking Soda: girl

Mom’s Instinct: boy50.1%

The scientist in me doesn’t believe most of this silliness, but I thought it would be fun to see which ones were correct.

Which one do I want?  Many people have asked me and my answer is always that I don’t care or either one.  And that is the truth. Well, actually the truth is that I want both.  I hope I will be blessed with more than one child, so no pressure on the gender of the first one.

Sometimes after people ask me and I give them my answer, they proceed to tell me about how I should want one more than the other, or how awful having a boy / girl would be.  Just yesterday a woman I work with told me about how terrible little girls are “these days.” I can’t wait to hear what she says on Monday if I tell her it is a girl.  Hehehe. 



I wanted to mix the picture up because I have had the exact same breakfast 3 days in a row.  Notice the tomato juice / seeds about to fall on my clean shirt in 3, 2, 1…


Lunch and snacks were  a bologna sandwich, a giant spicy pickle, a few cookies, and some grapefruit. 


Dinner – leftover spaghetti.  With perfectly toasted cheese bread. 



3 miles on the treadmill while reading.  Boom. 

Thought for the day


  1. I am so excited to find out tomorrow if it's a boy or a girl! I know that's weird since I'm a complete stranger, but I've been reading your blog and I am so so happy for you both! Congrats and good luck! (I have a daughter and I am hoping for another child in the future and for it to be a boy so I can have one of each as well...)

  2. It's a girl. I just feel it. My daughter will be 21 this week, and you truly will not believe how fast the time flies! Can't wait for you to post....."It's a Girl!"


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