Thursday, August 30, 2012

Feeling the Pressure

I am sure you have noticed that I haven't ran, walked, or moved off the couch this week.  If you haven't, God bless you.  

For the past few weeks, when I stood up for more than an hour, I would start to feel a slightly painful pressure in the baby area.  If I sat back back down, it went away.  However, last Sunday after the 5k it didn't go away for a loooonnnng time.  I spent the day trying to get up to play with Kauffman or rock Hallaway and quickly regretting the decision and sitting back down.  

I talked to my sister about it and I know it is a very normal part of pregnancy that I should be getting more used to as the baby grows.  However, we had this conversation in front of my grandma.  Not the smartest idea.  

(me - Grandma June - sister Jessie)

My grandma (naturally) worries about me, and even though my sister delivers babies and gives many women prenatal care, she still wasn't happy until I promised her I would talk to my midwife about it before I ran again.  

I have a midwife appointment today - Hallelujah!  

Other than that Margaret is doing wonderfully.  She is still kicking, wiggling, and growing.  I can't wait to take my next bump picture.  Every night before we go to bed I show Dan how much she has grown and he says, "Stop sticking your belly out so much!"  Maybe I was sticking it out just a little, but she is still growing so well!

A Wonderful Day of Food

I want to start with dinner because I tried not one, but TWO great recipes.  Dan said it was the best dinner I have made in a long time, but that wouldn't be hard because he has pretty much made dinner for the last 6 months.  

I made skinny chicken cordon bleu (using *this recipe*) and quinoa mac and cheese (using *this recipe* and adding shredded zucchini).


The quinoa mac and cheese changed. my. life.  Even if you don't like quinoa, you will like this.  Add some hot sauce and  you will never look back.  

Now back to breakfast - very delicious kale and swiss 2 egg omelet with some leftover fruit that I brought to dinner the night before and fruit dip made with crème fraîche.  


While shopping at Trader Joe's I asked a lovely Trader Joe's worker if they had any fruit dip. She said no, but if I mixed the carton of crème fraîche with a carton of flavored Greek yogurt (I chose strawberry) and added some honey it would be amazing.  And it was.  It almost tasted nutty - you should try it.  

It tasted so good that I repeated it for lunch, along with a ham, swiss, and mustard sandwich and a kale salad.


Afternoon snack - carrots and peanut butter.  


Yep, my belly went to bed pretty happy last night.  

Thought for the day





  1. I love reading your blog! I was at the Apple Store by Trader Joes the other day in Leawood and just two doors down was a "gourmet yogurt/icecream" place. They have goat cheese and cherry ice cream! It was sooo yummy. I know your trying all the Blue Bell flavors and a goat cheese fan so I thought I'd suggest this place.

    1. OH MY! I work dangerously close to there. I will be trying it out very soon. Thanks for the wonderful advice and thanks for reading! :)

  2. Hi Rachel,
    I had the same thing happen when I was pregnant with my daughter, and it was around the same time where you are now, 5-6 month time frame. You have all these ligaments in that area that are being stretched and are not used to it. They have a product called the belly band that can take some if the pressure off your stomach, and you can use it all the way through your pregnancy. By the way I have been to Trader Joe's and gotten some of the products you have mentioned. I bought the fig butter. It was yummy but would like to find some other uses for it. Very excited to try the quinoa mac and cheese.

    1. I bought the belly band for running, but I haven't tried it yet because it didn't feel like that was the problem, but I will give it a try now! Thanks!

      For fig butter, my favorite was to top it on toast with some brie. I also like it in oatmeal. One time I added it to some Amazeballs. The opportunities are endless. :)


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