Wednesday, August 22, 2012

23 Weeks: What I Look Forward to About Having a Daughter

Wow, I feel like the weeks are starting to tick by much faster.  It seems like yesterday that I was practically willing 6 weeks to turn into 7 weeks.  Now here I am at 23 weeks, and I want it to slow down.  This baby is already growing up too fast!



IMG 0636

As everyone now knows, we are going to have a daughter.  I am excited, but honestly would have been either way.  However, here are a few things I am looking forward to about having a girl in the family:

  • Having a best friend.  I will not deny that many mothers have wonderful relationships with their sons, but I am looking forward to the best-friend type relationship.  The Gilmore Girls relationship.  I also fully understand this will go away during the teenage / high school years when she will undoubtedly hate me.
  • Being a role model.  The second I saw the pink candy pop out of that piƱata, I felt a certain pressure that I had not considered before.  I am going to be the number one example of a woman in this girl's life.  It is important to me to be a woman she can look up to.  To show her, not just tell her, how to live.  Whoa.  I feel like that can be an entire blog post on its own, but just wanted to throw that out there.
  • Hallaway having a girl cousin so close in age.  I grew up with plenty girl cousins, and they were the base of my childhood.  Almost every memory involves getting into some type of trouble with them.  The name I am leaning towards even rhymes with Hallaway.  How cute is that?
  • Baby girl clothes.  I admit that baby boy clothes have made it a long way in the cute department, but they are still no comparison to the ruffles, bows, and sweetness that explode on the girl side of the store.  
  • Not having to argue with Dan on the name.  Dan was very opinionated about boys names.  Which wouldn't be a big deal, except that his number one choice was Vagrance (yep, rhymes with fragrance and sounds like the plural of vagrant).  Absolutely horrible.  His girl name ideas are much more reasonable and don't make me think of the homeless.
  • Shopping, pedicures, girl talk, etc.  


Breakfast was a 3 egg scramble with cheese and some grapefruit.  

IMG 0590

Lunch - grilled chicken on wheat with lima beans and a peach

IMG 0591

Snack - popcorn

Brad and Chessa (our friends who just moved back from Chicago!) stopped by last night to pick up some camping stuff we were storing for them.  Dan and I were thankful to get rid of some more of the leftovers from Saturday night's party.

IMG 0633 

The best part of the night was that Chessa brought O'Doul's.  Sometimes I hate to admit how much I miss drinking a cold beer in the summer and this non-alcoholic version hit the spot.  Yum.  Thank you Chessa - you know me a little too well.

The second best part of the night was adding another flavor to our Blue Bell challenge.  Strawberry pie was pretty good.

IMG 0634


I read my new book - full review to come later- while walking 2 miles on the treadmill.  

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