Wednesday, August 15, 2012

22 Weeks: Big Ultrasound


I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks since a baby update!  Silly vacation got in the way. 

The biggest news is that we had an ultrasound at 20 weeks.  I can't put into words how awesome it was.  Seeing the baby move, kick, squirm, and yawn was almost more than I could handle.  


Seeing Dan's reaction to meeting Margaret for the first time was even better.

The woman preforming the ultrasound said, "You better get your skates on, because this baby will not sit still."  (I was a very active child and cannot sit still as an adult, so I already expected this.)

She also said, "This baby is growing great!  I can tell it hasn't missed a meal."  (I chose to take that as a compliment that I was properly nourishing my body.)


Dan said, "It kind of looks like a demon." (I reminded him that saying that was not acceptable once the baby is born.)


Even though I have read every week about how developed the baby is, I could not get over the actual image of it. The lips, fingers, feet, etc. came out so clear. Look how long those legs are!


We had to turn our heads while she went for the gender revealing area, but Dan kept on peeking.  However, I don't think the peeking helped because Dan keeps on asking me if it is a boy or a girl

After the ultrasound I met with my midwife who happily informed me that the baby is right on track in the growth and development department and perfect in every single way! (I already knew that.)

Other updates: 

  • A stranger asked me if I was expecting!  I personally wouldn't have the guts to ask, but it could possibly be due to the fact that I dramatically rub my belly more than Buddha.  We also have told a few random people and the response is always so sweet.  This baby has already been blessed by so many nice people.  I read some good advice about this topic - instead of asking someone is she is expecting, instead ask if she has any kids.  Then, the conversation will obviously flow in the pregnancy direction if appropriate.  If not, then you can thank your lucky stars.  
  • I was slightly becoming concerned that Dan would be disappointed if the baby was a girl.  However, after spending some concentrated time with Hallaway I don't have any concerns at all.  He always wants to hold her and doesn't stop telling her how beautiful she is.  Now I am slightly concerned that if we have a girl he won't like me anymore - ha!
  • Margaret is kicking all the time, but more right after I eat or when I am sitting still.  I cannot wait until it is so pronounced that Dan can feel it on the outside.
  • The gender reveal party is Saturday.  So far so good on Operation Don't Break Open the Pinanta Early is still going strong.
  • I am constantly hungry – see food below.
  • I am not tired during the day anymore, but when bedtime hits (around 8ish) there is little to stop me.  Even on vacation I started to waver and had to pinch myself to stay awake.


Breakfast was pineapple and cottage cheese – the most perfect combo. 


I packed all the fixings for a hard boiled egg, tomato, and scallion sandwich for lunch.  This tasted amazing, but I was so hungry around 2 that I bought a pack of peanuts.


Then, when I got home from work I was hungry again, so I had 2 mini-bags of popcorn, 2 laffy taffys, and 2 pieces of cheese.  So, when Dan walked in the door with take-out, I just shared his meal and saved mine for dinner tomorrow. 


Thought for the day


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