Saturday, July 21, 2012

Restaurant Fail

This is why I don’t like chain restaurants. 

Last night Dan came home from work and asked if I wanted to go out to eat for dinner at Cheddar’s.  We both had never been there before, and every time I drive by it is packed with people waiting outside for a table.  I thought it would be a definite win.

Unfortunately it was not.  We sat at the bar, because, as usual, the place was packed.  The bartender was in a horrible mood, but did pipe in a suggestion of ordering the Asian chicken and shrimp salad, so I took his advice. 


This salad seriously looked and tasted like it had been plated and sitting in a vat of dressing for at least 2 hours.  I ate 3 bites and then sat and watched Dan eat his less than stellar meal.  Yuck. 

The entire drive home I kept on asking Dan how is it that this restaurant is so popular.  Maybe it was the cheap drinks – which I obviously could not partake in.  Anyone out there a Cheddar’s fan and want to explain?

I really do hate to complain, and am typically not a picky eater, but this was just horrible.  No worries – there was plenty of ice cream in the fridge when I got home.  

The silver lining was that before dinner Dan and I stopped by the mall to walk around since we hadn’t been there in years.  I forgot how the mall is a prime location for people watching on a Friday night.  All walks of life, and so fun to observe. 

My favorite was a teenage boy who was trying to get the attention of a girl who was walking between us and him.  Instead of walking up to her and starting a conversation, he just started yelling “Pink shirt!  Pink shirt!”  Dan and I stood there in disbelief as she giggled and slowed down to meet him.  Oh to be young again. 

Working from home food

I love working from home – there is just something nice about being able to eat off of regular dishes. 

Breakfast: boiled eggs and toast


Lunch: left over spaghetti


The dogs loved a day outside of the kennel – such bums.


Thought for the day


  1. I'm just as baffled as you about Cheddars. Ours is terrible in Lincoln NE, everyone I talk to has had a bad experience, but yet we drive by and packed? Surely they will run out of first timers soon.

  2. I agree about Cheddars... yuck. I love your puppy pictures!


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