Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rest Days

This blog is going to turn from “Running with Racheal” into “Laying on the Couch with Racheal.” 


You have been warned.  (Picture taken Sunday during the no-movement freak out.  Dan was trying to tell Margaret to move.)

Before I was growing a baby, I tried to take only one rest day a week.  If I took more, I felt like I was losing momentum and would quickly fall into taking more rest days than active days. 

Which, unfortunately, is very close to where I am right now. Lately I run every other day, or am active two days and then rest a day.  I know I am pregnant and I need to listen to my body, but there is a fine line between my body not wanting to because I need to rest and myself not wanting to because I am being a lazy bum.  So difficult to tell the difference. 

When I started this pregnancy it was really important to me to continue running until it was impossible (think 8 months with the risk of the belly bouncing off.)  I am almost 19 weeks now – not even half way – and I am down to running 2 to 3 days a week and walking the rest.  Not so good. 

I have said before that I want to look into other forms of exercise for the last few months, like swimming.  I must admit that I haven’t made any progress in that department.  Hopefully soon. 

To end on a happy note, did anyone watch Sunday night’s episode of The Newsroom?  Dan and I did last night and we both were wiping our eyes and sniffing out noses in the end.  Such a good show. 


Breakfast – yogurt with granola and watermelon.


Lunch – leftovers from Saturday and the last of the watermelon. 


Afternoon snack – un-pictured bagel

Dinner – more leftovers from Saturday night Japanese steakhouse +a piece of pizza


Thought for the day

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  1. Superb Quote. I'm not pregnant, but I do know that fine line between listening to our bodies for rest or just being lazy. AND using the excuse that we need to listen to our bodies in order to BE lazy. (Of course, this is just me.) However, I don't think walking instead of running is a bad thing. At least you are doing something, right?


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