Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Cough cough. Hack hack. 

Between Dan getting over bronchitis and me feeling like an elephant is sitting on my forehead, my ears are about to pop, and there is something slimy lurking in my throat, our house is a regular party.

Don’t you want to come over for dinner?  We will have ice cream – that is what I had for dinner last night.  But, you have to leave by 7, because that is my current bedtime.  I slept for 10 hours last night and woke up not feeling a bit better.  Darn. 

However, the most wonderful silver lining was that I laid down for a good chunk of time yesterday with little movement, which in turn caused me to feel someone else’s little movement!!!  I have been looking forward to this for weeks and read about so many other moms’ personal experiences describing what it felt like.  To me, it felt like a gurgle, which I know is more a sound than a feeling, but that is the best way to describe it.  I thought I felt it once at work while sitting at my desk, but I wasn’t sure.  I tried to sit extra still and not move for the next few minutes, but nothing else happened.  Then, while lounging around after I got home, I felt it at least 5 more times throughout the night. 

I can already tell this is going to be my favorite little reminder of Margaret, but I am afraid I will not get anything else done.  Every time I felt a “gurgle”  I would spend the next 5 minutes in cute-baby-cooing-la la land.  I imagine as the baby gets bigger the frequency will increase – yikes. Just when I thought I was going to be more productive now that I have more energy. 

Other than Ice Cream

Breakfast: Australian yogurt, which honestly tastes like melted ice cream


Lunch: an awesome bowl with shredded beef, black beans, cheese, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, etc.  I love my cafeteria.


I didn’t run / exercise because I am having a hard time breathing.  Hopefully that will improve today. 

Thought for the day


  1. The first time baby moves is so awesome! Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Hope you get to feeling better very soon.

  2. I love reading your blog! I'm so excited for you and are going to be GREAT parents! P.S. I miss our Jones days eating Dan's yummy salsa!!!

  3. Every time Dan makes salsa I think of those days and get to missing you and Stacy! I love that you read my blog! Miss you! :)

  4. Yay! The first time feeling your little one moving around is so cool. Actually, it never stops being cool :)


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