Friday, July 13, 2012

Didn’t Lift a Finger

Last night my dad’s boss came over to my house for dinner.  He flew into town from South Carolina to celebrate my dad’s 10 year anniversary with the company.  Talk about pressure. 


However, it was the easiest gathering I have ever hosted.  I think the combination of me working and being with child has resulted in the rest of my family taking pity on me.  They were absolutely awesome last night.  Everything ran smoothly and I didn’t do one single thing. 

My dad grilled the steaks,


my mom made green beans and salad, Kauffman cleaned,


many helped with the baked potatoes and corn,


and my aunt and sister made a bomb-tastic dessert.


I am going to hire this crew from here on out.  You should too – they are pretty affordable. (Note – I only about half the food on my plate – the baby wouldn’t let any more fit.)


Other Eats

I had ice cream for breakfast.  OK, not really, but it might as well have been. 


You must try this recipe for high protein banana soft serve.  Seriously – it involves all healthy things – bananas, yogurt, protein powder, and almond butter – and it tastes like ice cream for breakfast.  (For an even more Weight Watcher friendly version – click here. )

I dominated this salad for lunch. 


Spicy chicken with ranch is a match made in heaven.  Bonus: $1 from every salad went to support my company's Team in Training team.  


I wasn’t feeling the treadmill, so I hopped on the elliptical for 40 minutes while finishing up Divergent.  The end of the book was so intense that I barely noticed my leg muscles wearing down.  (I do, however, notice the soreness in them today.)  If you liked The Hunger Games series you will like this book.  A perfect fast summer read.  It is part of a trilogy – I plan to download the second book today.  Unfortunately, the third book has yet to be published. 

Thought for the day:

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