Wednesday, July 25, 2012

19 Weeks: Ode to Maternity Clothes

Why oh why did I wait so long to wear maternity clothes?  

IMG_0247   IMG_0251

We were allowed to wear shorts at work today if we donated $5 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society in support of our Team in Training Employees. (Shorts and donating money to a good cause that has to do with running?  Best $5 ever spent.)


As I don't own many "work appropriate" shorts, I decided to take a peek in the tub of maternity clothes my sister gave me.  I found these shorts, pulled them on, and my life is now changed.  These are so comfortable and stretch right around my growing belly.  No buttons or zippers, just a stretchy material to pull all the way up to my armpits. They remind me of pajama jeans, but I don't care.  I plan on buying maternity clothes even when I am not pregnant.  Now my secret is out.

While I was digging through the tub I found so many other cute options.  Then, last night my friend Aubrey (who had her baby a few weeks after Jessie) dropped off another huge tub of clothes.  I cannot wait to try them all on.  I seriously feel like I just went shopping for the first day of school and have a ton of options for the next few months.  

Other 19 week updates:

  • I am feeling Margaret move all the time now.  It is weird how something could have changed in the baby so fast that one day I didn't feel anything, and 3 days later I feel it every 20 minutes.  This might sound weird, but the movement makes me very aware that there is another hollow part of my body that I am not used to being there.  I am sure I will miss that feeling when Margaret continues to grow and my uterus becomes less hollow.  Although this is really exciting, I now have something new to worry about.  I will randomly start to worry if I haven't felt the baby move in a few hours.  Again, this is probably the least I will worry about this baby for my entire life. How mind blowing is that?
  • We have an ultrasound next week!!!  I think Dan is pulling some strings at work so he can come and I cannot wait!  We will get the "blinded" information on Margaret's gender then, but aren't going to actually find out if it is a boy or a girl at our gender reveal party, which I am planning for later in August.  Such a long time to wait!  I hope I don't try to un-blind anything.  Hehehe.  Right now I am thinking boy and Dan thinks girl. I want to do all of the other "old wives' tale" tests first.  
  • Vegetables are back to sounding bleh.  I thought I was over that?  Except for broccoli.  Broccoli sounds fantastic.  
  • I am starting to feel slightly uncomfortable when trying to lie down and sleep.  Dan says he can't really tell a difference by how soon I start snoring, but I think there is a definite delay.  
  • Someone actually saw me and touched my belly!  When I met my friends for dinner on Saturday night, Brady (who hadn't seen me in a few months) gave my belly a nice and sturdy pat.  I was so excited, but I tried not to make too big of a deal out of it and freak him out.  What I wanted to do was jump up and down and tell him he was the first one to "touch" the baby and give him some sort of prize.  
  • Yesterday I was buying a watermelon at Whole Foods and the girl at the register made a comment about how big it was and said, “This can be your baby.”  I told her I already had one growing and patted my belly and she gave me this weirdly uncomfortable look like was sorry she had said something wrong.  Poor thing. 

In My Belly

Breakfast – last of the cereal


Lunch – grilled chicken on wheat and fried zucchini.  I am now motivated to make the faux fried version at home. 


Afternoon snack.


Dan is a genius in the kitchen. I laid out chicken for dinner and asked him to come up with something good. He found a jar of Alfredo sauce in the pantry and said he was making Cajun pasta.

IMG_0242    IMG_0243

Also in the mix – celery, onion, Anaheim peppers and a red pepper from our garden. 

Dessert – a late night Blue Bell emergency trip to the grocery store. 


I ran 3 miles for the first time in at least a week and a half while reading Insurgent – the follow-up to Divergent.  It was challenging, but not too hard and I LOVED the endorphin kick at the end.

Thought for the day


  1. We've made the faux fried zucchini at home using Fiber was pretty good! :)

    So exciting to have new clothes!

    1. I have never tried the one with fiber one, but I have tried one on SkinnyTaste with panko. Mmmm...maybe tonight?

    2. They're delish with panko as well. We also use the panko for the buffalo chicken strips we make in the oven! :)

  2. You are so going to love coming back to this a year from now and see how you were feeling! How is it that you can run and read at the same time? Please help me on this one!

    1. Readying while running is very easy if you have an ipad or ereader and you run on a treadmill. Just prop the ipad on the stand and away I go. I only run at 6mph, so I'm not sprinting.

      It really makes the time go by fast - but the story has to be somewhat exciting. You should try it!

  3. You are such a cute little pregnant lady! I think baby will be a girl. My guessing accuracy is at about a 75% right now. Does it matter that the population is only about 4?

    1. Aw, thanks! That is a pretty good accuracy. I am about 50/50 right now on mine. We shall see..

  4. So cute!!! Both of you! I love skinnytastes "fried" zuchini..dipped in ranch or horseradish..yum!


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