Wednesday, July 11, 2012

17 Week Pudge

IMG_0106   IMG_0107

  • My belly is getting bigger - fo' sho.  However, it looks more like a "Has she been eating dessert after every meal?"-type bigger than an "Is she with child?"-type bigger.  Maybe that is because I have enjoyed many multi-dessert days.  Either way the only clothes that are fitting are my "fat pants" and skirts / dresses.  I really want to hold out on the maternity clothes until 20 weeks - but only because that seems to be the "acceptable time" to start wearing maternity clothes and I realize that is a bit ridiculous. But, I am still holding out.   Look at the difference between sucking in and sticking out – if I really want to get something I should just stick my belly out and rub it. 

IMG_0108   IMG_0109

  • Speaking of multi-dessert days, I really need to check myself.  Now that my food aversions have disappeared, I want to go back to my mostly healthy eating lifestyle and stop listening to the demon on my shoulder telling me I am eating for two.  My weight gain has continued to be in the healthy range, but I don't want it to be something I have to worry about later on.  I am counting on you guys to hold me accountable. Thanks in advance.  
  • I am working on a project that involves drug delivery into the lungs,  However, every time I try to type the word "lung" I instead type the word "lunch."  Sometimes I catch it and sometimes I don't.  How embarrassing is it that people I work with know how hungry I am all the time?
  • I don't know if I have really talked about this on the blog - but being pregnant has made me embarrassingly clingy to Dan.  We have always had a pretty independent relationship and even lived apart for an entire year when I started my fellowship in North Carolina.  However, now I want him around all the time. I was miserable the first week I was in North Carolina without him and I even cancelled a girls trip to Vegas because I knew I wouldn't be any fun.  (Those who know me well would tell you that if I turn down a trip to Vegas, this problem is legit.) I hate it when he hangs out with his friends.  This was especially hard on him during the first trimester, when I expected him to lie down with me from 6 pm onward, because that is all I wanted to do.  He has been a trooper about it for the most part.  Maybe I am just training him for being a dad and someone else depending on him.  
  • I am liking my running every other day strategy, but really need to walk on the days I don't run.  The problem is I get very impatient when I am walking and want it to be over with.  Hopefully, now that I have downloaded a few new books to my ipad, I won't get as bored.  I also just downloaded a Sudoku game, which should keep my mind busy for at least 30 minutes.  I also am very interested in swimming during my third trimester, but don't currently have access to a pool.  My determination on this subject will largely depend on how long I feel comfortable running.
  • I am so looking forward to:
    1. Feeling Margaret move - right now I feel little tinges, but I think it is more my uterus continuing to expand.  It doesn't feel like anything alive is inside of me.  
    2. Having a stranger ask me if I am pregnant. (Two people I work with told me I was starting to stick out yesterday!)
    3. Finding out if Margaret is a boy or a girl
    4. Naming Margaret a name other than Margaret
    5. Seeing Dan as a dad - I know he is going to be super


Breakfast was the last of the Blueberry Morning box.  If I buy this again I need to have Dan hide the box, because if I know it is in the cabinet I will want it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


I packed all the fixing for a loaded baked potato for lunch, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I didn't need all the sour cream and cheese.  So, I wandered down to the cafeteria to check out the selection and found this baby:

download (1)

A Moroccan bowl with grilled chicken, chickpeas, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, and lettuce topped with a spicy yogurt sauce.  I was so happy I made the last minute switch to a lunch packed with flavor and nutrition.

Drive home snack

download (2)

When I got home Dan and I hurried to get ready for the All Star Game.  Dan hadn’t been feeling well all day (really for the past few days), but wanted to go to the game anyways.  We stopped by a place that claimed to be Thai, but just ended up being another Chinese restaurant.  We didn’t have time to go somewhere else, so we went with it.

IMG_0112   IMG_0113

When the soup came out Dan started getting shaky and by the time we got our entrees we had to ask for a to-go box because Dan could barely hold his head up.  Poor guy.  We spent the next hour frantically trying to find someone we knew who wanted to go to the game and would help us recover the small fortune we spent on tickets.  Unless the Chiefs go to the Super Bowl or Janice Joplin has a live concert (equal chance of either happening), I will never spend that much money on tickets to anything.  Ever. Again.

After we finally got the tickets to someone and arrived back home, I put Dan to bed only to find out that I had left my camera at the Thai Chinese restaurant.  UGH.  The whole drive there and back I was so boiling mad at myself I was trying to figure out the pregnant girl equivalent of a shot of tequila or 10 mg of Valium.  I settled for lukewarm Thai Chinese food and watching the All Star Game on TV.  Close enough.


I went 30 minutes on the treadmill while reading my new book. As this post will likely take an hour to read, I will talk more about that another day.

Thought for the day


  1. I almost never ask people if they are pregnant what if they are not???
    I had someone ask me in the weight watchers meeting that I was leading because I was wearing an empire waist dress. I was like "Do I look pregnant?" SHe said "no, but your shirt", the week before I had a fitted dress on.
    I was telling a girlfriend and she said "Unless their water breaks on your foot or a hang is sticking out, NEVER ask someone if they are pregnant!" :)

  2. I go by the old "unless you can see the baby crowning dont assume she is pregnant" You look great as does Dan at this stage. I went into maternity clothes the morning after I conceived;)

  3. Girl, go get yourself some maternity clothes - no reason to be uncomfortable! I started wearing a belly band around week 7 because I was so bloated (not so fun side effect that nobody told me about), and switched to maternity around week 14. I felt soooo much more comfortable after I made the switch. My fav places to purchase are GAP online (almost always having some sort of sale, and free shipping/returns) and target (inexpensive but not poor quality). And yesterday I found a pair of jean capris and GAP jeans on consignment for a grand total of $15! Now I need it to cool down a bit so I can wear my cute new bottoms, haha.

  4. Get the maternity clothes so your cousin can borrow your cute clothes. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!


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