Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week 12: The Placebo Effect and Bump Pic

As I am both a pharmacist and work in drug research, I have a lot of experience with the placebo effect. 

When I worked retail pharmacy years ago, one of my older co-workers would tell me about how he used to stock actual placebo capsules.  When a doctor in the area thought a patient was just looking for a solution when there wasn't a problem, the doctor would write out a script for "the blue pills."  The patient would then pick them up in the pharmacy with the illusion that they treated some type of condition, when in reality they were just sugar pills!  Can you imagine?!?  The FDA would have a field day with that today!

Most of the studies I do at work are placebo controlled, meaning that some of the subjects are given active drug and some are given placebo.  This is done in drug research not only to determine if the active drug has some type of effect that is different than placebo, but also to determine the side effects of the active drug.  Many times the placebo can have "side effects."  This sometimes makes it hard for me to believe that all my patients are experiencing every single side effect listed on the medication’s paperwork (even though I do, because it would be wrong not to).

Sometimes I wonder if I am experiencing the placebo effect with this pregnancy.  I have been reading a lot of information and talking to a lot of people about how I should be feeling right now.  I am suspicious that this knowledge is causing me to think I am experiencing certain things, when if I didn't know about them, would I actually experience them?  For example, if I didn't know that women are tired in the first trimester, would I be?  Am I really nauseous, or is it all in my head?  If I hadn't heard the ice cream and pickles joke a million times, would I have been craving them yesterday?  Who knows? Maybe I should stop reading all of this information and just play it by ear.  Or maybe I should stop saying placebo effect and start saying hypochondriac.  Ha.


Just like every other pregnancy blog out there, I am going to start documenting my growing bump.  


At 12 weeks, the only baby causing that bump is my food baby.  I can't wait for it to get bigger!  The real baby, not the food baby.

And something extra, because I have a theory.  I think that every time I gain weight, Dan loses weight.  It is like twisting the knife in the wound when I already couldn't get my jean on that morning, and then when we walk into someone's house she looks at him and says, "you look great, have you lost weight?"  Makes me want to scream.  So, I am sure that his bump will be decreasing. So, along with my bump, I will also be documenting his bump.  Hehehe.


I doubt his feelings / cravings are going to change much throughout this process, but they might.


I ate a pear and some cream cheese with 1/2 a tortilla while blogging


and then finished breakfast off with a banana mango protein smoothie. 


Lunch was a pasta salad with a mix of all my leftover whole wheat pasta, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, oil, vinegar, a little sugar, and salt and pepper.  I ate the cottage cheese for an afternoon snack.


When I got home I wasn’t feeling too hot again, so I ate Ritz crackers and mac and cheese for dinner while watching the Royals play.


Good thing I got my fruits and veggies in early. 


I finished 3 miles while watching the pilot to Revenge.  I am already hooked.  Now I know where all my free time will be going for the next 21 episodes that are on Hulu. 

Thought for the day:


  1. Yay for baby bump pictures..and Dan is such a goofball! Love it. :)

  2. I always crave icecream and no pregnancy here! I read all your pregnancy posts. Glad you stopped going to WW, you actually have to when you are pregnant. You can go back as soon as you have the baby and then you get more points for nursing!!

  3. Love the pictures! Great idea doing both yours and Dan's. Congratulations!

  4. Love the pics of you and your hubby. And very interesting stuff about the placebo effect :)

  5. I love that you are documenting your hubby's bump as well! So cute. And I bet his feelings and cravings will change. From what I hear, he'll have to learn to become *very* patient and forgiving. ;-)

  6. Haha that hubby bump v. your bump is pretty creative. As far as pregnancy side-effects, I always have something and then randomly the next day one of my preg apps will tell me it is a common pregnancy side-effect. Crazy timing, eh?


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